05 May 2009

It was quite a busy weekend, and I feel that I still lack hours of sleep.

Friday had us waking up early to load all the stuff we'll be bringing to our new house (rented) in Sta. Rosa. We had to go there early so we can clean up a bit, transfer the stuff we brought from our plastic boxes to the cardboard box and leave it there.

But when we got there, the former tenant (who's my officemate) hasn't packed all his stuff yet so we couldn't really clean up the house much as we want to. So we just transferred our stuff, A cleaned the bathroom upstairs (since hindi pa sila nakakaligong mag-ama), and had our incenso smoking of the whole house.

After that we headed for Sampaloc since it was Lola Paz's birthday. We stayed there until around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and went home to Marikina. As soon as we arrived, I had to take our laundry and set-up the washing machine.

Then Saturday morning, A had to bring our car to the shop to have the gas tank cleaned and have the aircon fixed. Boohoo. The aircon needed a new...whoa, I forgot what it needed...but it took us down by P8T!

Not to mention our pagod during the whole day kasi kelangan ni A magpatay-oras para hintayin ung kotse. Ako naman, I still had laundry to take care off (had to handwash those) then give Ethan a bath, and basically take care of him the whole day. My mag-ama were sleeping by 9pm but not me. I had a call from Davao (parents) and talked to them and my tita until 1AM!

Sunday was much better, we got to sleep in the morning. Then came Pacquiao's fight which lasted for like a split second (haha exagg)...galing din. Mas matagal pa yung paghihintay haha.

On our way home, we dropped by S&R Alabang kasi wala lang. Haha. Gusto ko lang maglibot. Had our merienda and bought ice cream (sumakit lalo lalamunan ko kasi anlamig hehe). And when we reached home, no rest pa rin kasi I had to continue packing our stuff.

Monday, I took a leave from work but we still left the house at 6AM to bring some more stuff to Sta. Rosa. The former tenant has packed some stuff and cleaned up the sink kaso meron pa rin syang mga gamit so again, di pa kami nakapaglinis.

We left before 9AM kasi we needed to bring the little boy to his pedia for his monthly check-up. But when we got to Asian, hindi nag-clinic si pedia. Boohoo. We ended up spending the rest of the day in Festival Mall. Libot sa Ace, daan sa Booksale (still no crossword puzzles huhu), sa St. Paul's (I really want to buy Sacred Heart and something of Mama Mary, deciding if the Mediatrix or the Immaculate Heart for our altar - yes, meron na rin, finally), grocery nang unti.

THEN, when we got home, we still continued with our packing. And after dinner, I ironed our clothes pa.

Hay grabe, very very hectic. Pero oks lang, this too shall pass :P

This morning pa pala, when I woke up, nagmumuta ang aking eyes (sorry for the term) and namumula. I dropped by our clinic earlier, the nurse dropped some EyeMo. Buti na lang, nawala na ngayon ung pangangati at pamumula. Ayaw kong magka-sore eyes!!! :P

Read this from chuvaness blog: http://chuvaness.livejournal.com/597001.html waaahhhh!!! I want, I want, I want!

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