05 May 2009



I'm being sent home because I have viral conjunctivitis a.k.a. sore eyes. I dropped by our clinic this morning and the nurse placed eye drops on my eye (of course, where else? Duh!) and asked me to come back after 2 hours.

The redness didn't subside after 2 hours so she placed something (I guess it was some eye drops that is intended for sore eyes) and told me to come back after lunch. If the redness subsides, that would mean that I do have sore eyes.

And so I'm sent home and made to rest until tomorrow. But I can't go home yet. A can't go home right away (he has a lot of stuff to finish first) so I have to wait for him until later.

Since I'm filing the afternoon as a sick leave anyway, I intend to do no work-related stuff a.k.a. surf the web until it's time to go home. Hehehe.

Sana lang talaga hindi ko mahawaan si Ethan. Please po, Lord.

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BabyPink said...

yech! i hate having sore eyes, mami! sana nga'y hindi mo mahawaan si baby brother ethan at mawala na agad 'yan.:)