07 May 2009

Fit to Work...

...but still need to consult our company doctor.

Much as I want to stay at home, I really need to go back to work (kasi mauubos ang sick leave ko hehehe). Anyway, I can function even if I my eyes get itchy once in a while. And I brought my eye drops with me :P

I was able to pack some more stuff yesterday and watch 3 episodes of Gossip Girl Season 1 (ep 9-11). Yep, that's how delayed I am in watching all these tv shows hehe. We're done with True Blood (season 1), no latest episode of House Season 5 yet, neither that of Chuck. But we've started a new series Leverage and have 1 last episode to watch to complete Season 1. Nakaka-addict. Hehe.

Okay, back to packing. We're almost done with the small stuff (yun ang mas mahirap i-pack e) siguro kaya na yun for tonight. Tomorrow night ewan ko lang kung makatulog pa kami hahaha. We scheduled our move on Saturday (pickup by the truck by 8AM)...dapat lang talga matapos namin. Although pwede pa naman kaming bumalik on the 10th to get whatever stuff we may leave behind. And drop off the keys to the landlady.

I'm starting to miss the house. Because it was our first home after we got married and it's the first house that Ethan knows. We stayed for 3 years din pala sa house na ito. Nakaka-miss but we have to move on. We'll always have our memories of it naman. Hehe. *Drama na ito*

On another note, gusto kong mag-shopping! Hehe. Sa Divi or sa Quiapo or anywhere na mura :P Kaso saka na lang pag nabili na namin ung mga priority na bilhin..like a dining table. Saka na lang ung iba :P

Gotta go to the clinic...sana hindi na ako pauwiin hehe.

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