11 May 2009

We've moved!

Finally, we've moved house. Successfully. :P

The lipat bahay truck arrived at 7am last Saturday and we started loading our stuff around 7:20. We were done by 8am, travelled to Sta. Rosa and done unloading by 10am.

We're still like an evacuation center right now, with all the boxes and stuff. So far, we've cleared up the living room and the dirty kitchen area. The kitchen is semi-set up already. The beds futons (aka mattress sa sahig) are set up in their respective rooms. I also prioritized Ethan's closet. But the rest are still in boxes.

That's okay. Everything will be arranged. In time. :P

We also went back to the house in Muntinlupa to clean up, throw out the garbage and give the keys to our landlady. I miss the house, we've got good memories with it. We stayed there for 3 years.

It was Ethan's first home. And it was our venue for all his cupcake birthdays. We had no problems with the house itself. It was getting a bit crowded, but we could've adjusted.

Our concerns were with its location. To get to the house, we had to go through a narrow alley (could fit one car at a time), then go through a narrower gate (could accommodate only 1 person at a time). In case of emergencies, we would have a problem getting out, or for the rescue people going in. And we had to prioritize that concern, because Ethan is left at home with only his lola every working day.

So now, we feel safer in our current home. It's also a shorter drive to work, meaning, we leave a bit later than usual and most importantly, arrive home earlier!

And oh, one more happiness for me! We are now close to a branch of Conti's!!! Drat, that wouldn't be good for my already-heavy weight. I need to start going on regular walks around the neighborhood! :)

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