02 July 2009

Grandpa and Grandma are in town!

Grandpa and Grandma arrived from Davao yesterday and will be staying for at least 3 months. Papa has requested for office transfer to Tagaytay so that they can stay longer and Lola can take some rest from her almost-2-months stint with Ethan :P

Since last night, the little boy has been glued attached to his Grandpa. He woke up early this morning and managed to kiss us good morning (managed because Grandpa and Grandma weren't up yet). But as soon as he saw Grandpa, haaayy...na-dedma na kami ni A hehehe.

He wanted to go upstairs and play with Grandpa kaso paalis na kami so sabi namin babay. He agreed to stay and wave goodbye to us (from our porch) as long as Grandpa was with him.

Nyahaha. Matindi.


The little boy has a lot of antics now. Nakakatuwa.

He knows the actions for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (un nga lang kelangang naka-fast forward ka pag kumakanta kasi mabilis mag-shift ung actions nya hehe), and Ang Maliit na Gagamba (yes, he likes the tagalog version more than the Eensy Weensy one. When we start singing eensy weensy, he says "Ba-ba"...gagamba daw).

He has this book entitled My House which shows several stuff found inside a house. There's a:

Sink - Ethan, what do we do in the sink? He makes the action of washing his hands.
Shower - What do we do in the shower? He makes the action of washing his hair (the same action he does when asked how do we shampoo)
Bed - What's this? Beeee. What do we do on the bed? He looks for something soft like a mattress or the sofa bed and lies down.
Door - What's this? Dooooo. Then points to our door.
Chair - What's this? Chaaaaa. Then proceeds to point at our dining chairs.
Table - Proceeds to point at our dining table. What do we do on the table? He puts his hands together as if in prayer (but this is still inconsistent, sometimes he does it, sometimes not).
Window - Points at our window.
Radio - he places his fingers to his ear and dances...

When asked what he and Papa are going to buy in the bakery..bread and? Cooooo (coke). Patay na.

He sways to Barney's song...you know, the I Love You song...and hugs everyone when we get to the "...with a great big hug..." part.

He waves (more like close-open hehe) goodbye and says "Ba-ba" then gives you a flying kiss.

"Ba..." may mean ball, balloon, bag. When the syllable is repeated, it may mean, baba (as in go down) or babay. Car is "ca..." and a motorcycle is "vroom". "Ka-ga" is karga (he wants you to carry him). "Dee" (or is it "gee"?) is the TV.

He can shout out his lungs saying Mama but when he says Papa, it's a mere whisper. When you ask him to say it louder, he says it A BIT louder but can only manage Pa. Hehehe.

I could go on and on but then you'd get bored hahaha.


Our maid-of-honor is on her wedding preps as they plan to march down the aisle next year. Ehem ehem...and I'm her...matron-of-honor. Ooohhh...that sounds so...matronic bwahaha.

This led me to taking out from the baul aka external HDD my files when A and I were on our wedding preps. When I saw the excel files and my folders - gown designs, bouquets, hairstyles, shoes, etc...I realized that I had LOTS of files to maintain then. It really brought out the OC in me. And so I gladly passed on the files...

I'm really excited because this would be the first time in years that I would be attending a friend's wedding...can't wait! For now, diet...pano kaya mapapaliit ang braso? Di bale ang tummy, pwedeng idaan sa cut ng dress. Hehehe.

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Heidi said...

kakatuwa naman magsalita si Ethan... puro simula. Baligtad naman yung pamangkin ko, si Marian, puro dulo lang ng words ang nasasabi, nyahahaha!