23 June 2009

I am a Papa's girl ;-)

I am the eldest and the only girl so I guess, my being a Papa's girl is a given hehehe (although even my younger bros are also close to Papa). His experiences as a kid have always been a source of inspiration and pride for me. Knowing what he went through and what he has become, it brings tears of pride to my eyes (the sentimental me, who would have thought that I have it? hahaha).

My father is not perfect (who is?) but I consider him the best. Seeing how he (and Mama) dotes on my kid now, always reminiscing about how I was as a kid and how similar Ethan and I are (and I have proof of this, I just need to scan my old baby pics hehe), I'm just happy that so much love is showered on Ethan.

One thing I've learned from him is to stay humble. And kind (okay, that's two). I may be mean and give out snide remarks from time to time but when it comes to people who remind you to be thankful of what you have, I'm a softie :P

I also see how much he loves and cares for Mama - he may not be the expressive type but I know. I can't express how, but I just feel it. And that was something that I looked for in my then-future-husband.

And I'm glad I found that in A.

He's very patient with my tantrums (hehe, parang nasa terrible twos pa rin ako) and my impatience. He's very hands on with Ethan and I can see how close the two of them are. I'm just glad that God chose another best for me.

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