10 June 2009

With my very busy schedule (ehem, work within the week and laundry during the weekends - and of course, being with Ethan), I find it really convenient to e-shop. I've mostly shopped within Multiply but have bought from a couple of eBayers as well...we even purchased our dining table through the internet! Hehehe. It's quite convenient, I look at their products online, I email them my order, pay via bank deposit, then wait for the products to be delivered on my doorstep!

I frequent Indigo Manila for Ethan's needs - their Jar of Hope and our bestfriend, the Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me insect repellant. When we moved to Sta. Rosa, there are a lot more trees in the neighborhood and this meant more insects - particularly mosquitoes. Ethan is the "kagatin" type (just like me) and on him, the bitten parts darken as well. So the two products I mentioned above really help me a lot.

The Jar of Hope relieves the itchiness and the insect repellant prevents the bad mosquitoes from getting near. We just have to be vigilant and reapply every few hours or so. And the products really work because since then, he doesn't get all those nasty bites anymore. And I don't need to worry about DEET (unlike OFF lotion) because it's made of all-natural ingredients so we can reapply as often as we want.

During a recent shopping episode, I also purchased a bar of soap from them (it's supposedly made for baby's skin) which I've yet to use.

Another recent purchase I made is from One Planet Noah - this time, the products are for moi! I have skin asthma (eczema, acute dermatitis, whatever else it's called) and I easily get rashes from harsh soaps. But I adore soaps with a yummy smell. Yup, that's my dilemma.

When I chanced upon their website, I saw all the minty soaps and I just wanted to try these out! Again, these soaps were made from natural ingredients so it would mean that's it's mild and thus, less chances of having rashes! Just like those bars of soap that I bought from Ilog Maria. So I bought a lot of soaps (6 bars, to be exact) and a jar of their body cream.

I've been using the body cream (which has VCO but doesn't feel greasy at all) and my skin feels just like how it felt when I used regular lotion. But the beauty of using this particular body cream is again, the natural ingredients! In a way, it's relief that I'm feeling knowing that I lessen the incorporation of synthetic stuff onto my body (because food nowadays has those, and I still use regular shampoo and etc etc).

I've also tried using the cream on my face (and have just recently switched to the sunblock from Indigo Manila) instead of the usual product (from Pond's) and I've seen less breakouts. I know, it's supposed to be a body cream but it says it's mild enough for baby's skin so it should be okay to use on my face. Hehehe.

So here's the stuff I bought (apologies for the bad lighting, busy ang aking photographer hehe).


BabyPink said...

convenient nga talaga mag-shop online, mami, 'no? isa sa mga perks ng internet. parang ang liit na talaga ng mundo. :)

cheryll said...

hay, correct!