06 August 2009

I was 6 years old and in Prep at the time of the EDSA Revolution. According to Mama, she fetched me from school that day and I was hesitant to leave kasi baka ma-mark daw ako na absent LOL.

I remember yellow ribbons and the Laban sign and of course, Cory Aquino. I guess, she was my first president, i.e., she was our president nung nagkaroon ako ng malay tungkol sa mundo. Hehe. I remember she visited us at the Ateneo (de Davao University), we were all lined up at the backfield and she arrived aboard a helicopter. I remember she was in yellow and the grasses were swaying to the strong breeze made by the helicopter.

I don't know now whether I saw the actual coverage of EDSA Revolution on TV or just flashbacks. But I saw a lot of people, soldiers, private citizens, nuns, priests, families gathered together and around tanks.

Of course, I knew about Ninoy. And I really view the dictators as bad people.

Bayan Ko was our Prep graduation song. I still know the lyrics of Magkaisa and Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo (which I view as our version of We Are The World hehe).

These past 5 days, we were glued to the ABS-CBN and ANC coverage of Cory's wake and burial. My father was crying especially during the eulogy of Mel Mamaril. It was heartbreaking. You can feel his sincerity from his speech and the way he saluted Cory afterwards. I got goosebumps when the EDSA songs were sung.

It was inevitable. But still, I felt sadness when it finally happened. Farewell, President Cory and please continue to watch over the Philippines.

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