11 August 2009

It's time for another Ethan update :)


Yesterday, I received a blank message from Mama. I was typing out a message when another one came in. I thought Mama just made a mistake but when the second message turned out to be another blank, I immediately knew what happened.

So I sent her a message, "Ma, ginadulaan ni gamatoy ang imong cellphone. Nag-send ug 2 ka blank message sa ako." [Ma, pinaglalaruan nung maliit ang cellphone mo. Nag-send ng 2 blank messages sa akin] To which she replied, "Lagi, makatulo pa unta ang maldito. Maayo na lang nasakpan nako." [Oo nga, makakatatlo pa sana tong maldito buti nahuli ko.]

In the afternoon, we talked about it again then Papa said, "Ay mao diay. Nag-send pod sa ako ug 2." [Ay kaya pala, nag-send din sa akin ng 2.]

Toink! So the little boy was able to send 4 blank messages pala! Ubos ang load ng grandma! We were laughing, and guess what, the little boy was laughing as well. Hay sus.

Last week (when we had rainy weather), A was washing the car and the little boy wanted to go with him. I told him we cannot go out because it was raining, the most we could do was watch Papa from our small porch.

He immediately pointed at an umbrella...e mejo slow itong nanay nya, sabi ko pa, "Ay yes, umbrella..." but he kept on pointing at the umbrella, then I had an epiphany (haha exagg) and I got what he meant!

He was telling me pala to use the umbrella so we can go out even if it was raining. Hay!

He has almost memorized his alphabet chart (well not the letters but the pictures that represent the letters).

He knows the apple, bee, cat, duck, egg, fish, goat, horse, kite, lion, mouse, nest, owl, pencil, rabbit, sun, tree, umbrella, van, and the xylophone.

If you ask him to point at the egg, he points at both the nest (which contains eggs) and the egg.

He can vocalize (approximately hehe) - bee, duck (kack-kack), egg (geee), fish (ish), kite (ayt), lion (this one he can only mimic the growling sound hehe), owl, tree (teeee), umbrella (bralla), and van.

If you ask him what is the color of the book of the little pig (in Three Little Pigs, one of his favorites), he will answer greeeeeen.

Then if you ask him what the color of the sky is, he will answer....greeeen. Hehehe obvious bang ito lang ang alam nyang color? :D So when he says this, A corrects him by saying "Nooo, the sky is blue." Kaya ngayon when you ask him what the color of the sky is, he will answer "Greeeen. Noooo." hehehehe...

As I've said, The Three Little Pigs is one of his favorite stories. As soon as you open the book to the first page, he immediately says "Ba-bye". Because the first page shows the little pigs saying goodbye to their mom. When asked what the little pigs' baon is, he enumerates "Baaa. Cheee. Dede." [Bread. Cheese. Milk.] (And one time he told A, "Cooo" - Coke din daw hehe).

The next page shows the first little pig with his house. When asked what the house is made of, Ethan says "Stowww". [Straw]

The second little pig's house is made of? "Ticks" [Sticks]

The third little pig's house? "Tone" [Stone].

And then the big bad wolf appears. The picture shows the Big Bad Wolf peeking at the first little pig's window and the little pig is sweating. So, the Big Bad Wolf asks the Little Pig, please let him in. What does the little pig say? "Noooo." Then he points at the sweat and says "Cry". Umiiyak daw ung pig hehehe.

The next page shows the straw house blown apart. Ethan mimics the wolf blowing strongly at the house. He does this for the next page as well which shows the 2nd little pig.

When we reach the next page, the 3rd little pig is shown drinking coffee. The little boy wants to move to the next page which shows the wolf falling into a pot of boiling water. Ethan then shouts and taps his diaper - napaso daw kasi ung wolf. Then his shouts turn into whispers...kasi patay na daw ung wolf kaya mahina na ung sound. Hehehe.

The End.

Repeat 100,000 times :P

Another favorite is the Sesame Street DVD, particularly that episode entitled Get Up and Dance. Kung tape lang un, pudpod na un sigurado.

May kakumpetensya na kami sa TV kasi pag feel nya, he just says "Mo-mo! Mo-mo" over and over again. Elmo daw kasi. "Den" - he wants to dance daw. And he does. He follows what the kids and Big Bird are doing and dances.

He follows instructions na rin like, "Ethan, please give this to Papa". Or "Ethan, come here. Hug mo ako, gusto ko ung may sound. Kiss din, ung may sound." And he proceeds to do these.

Sabi nga ni Grandma, tumatanda na daw. :)

He also loves books. When we go to SM Sta. Rosa, SM has a stall selling books. Ethan immediately goes there and browses through the books. Nakakatuwa, at least nagbunga naman pala ung mga time na nilaan namin para i-introduce sa kanya ang books...pati na rin ung pagbili namin ng books para sa kanya, at least, na-appreciate na :)

In 4 months time, he'll be turning two. Kaya nag-iisip na ako ngayon kung pano ang magiging celebration namin nun. But most probably, it will be with family lang :)

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Anonymous said...

does this version of tha book (three little pigs) have any scary illustrations, like the wolf eating pigs?