03 November 2009

Advanced Merry Christmas! :)

So, how was your long weekend? We spent it at home, save for Saturday when we went to SM Sta. Rosa since we had no power from 3AM when the wind was just going crazy. Bagyong Santi was mostly strong wind, not much rainfall (at least in our area). On our way to SM, we saw a lot of trees that fell down, some Meralco posts also fell...it was something like Milenyo. But thank God, power was restored by 8PM (unlike Milenyo where it took days!).

Okay, back to happy thoughts :P

Early Sunday morning, I was baking pancake muffins for breakfast (but we still had rice and sisig hehe). Monday naman, I baked Madeleines. Hay, the pancake muffins were okay but the Madeleines, so so lang...I was expecting them to be cookie-like kaso parang muffin pa rin. I am still a beginner when it comes to baking so I follow the recipe to the dot. That's one thing that I notice with baking (versus regular cooking), I can't play around with it pa. We were just lucky to get this recipe for carrot cake from Allrecipes.com which turns out really fantastic...as in baking goddess fantastic! LOL. So, unting practice pa.

The weekend was also spent playing with Ethan, watching his DVDs with him, eating an apple, some chips, some cookies with him. It was also spent laughing at his antics. Oh, and one thing we're really proud of...he can count from 1 to 10!!! He knows the sequence but he doesn't know how the number looks like yet. So we take it a day at a time. Good thing he stays with Grandma or Lola at home, he gets good exposure to educational stuff.

Ethan also loves to dance! And he's quite a performer, loves it when we are amused with his performance - even requesting for claps hehehe.

He does get mischievous from time to time - getting a bit hard-headed and insists on what he wants. But we get firm with him in a way that he knows that he's not the boss around the house. But in general, he's even-tempered.

He can also hold conversations with us. He babbles while telling us what he and Papa saw during their walk to the park (birds "tweet tweet", rem = worm, with matching wiggly finger, and ants!). Sometimes it takes a few repetitions before we understand what he means but he has his way of making us understand. One time during his bath, Grandma was just waiting for him to finish playing inside the pail. He called out "Mah! Mints". Mama didn't understand at first so she asked him what he wanted, and he repeated "Mints". Seeing that his Grandma didn't understand him, he gestured with his index finger (making it like a dropper) and that's when Grandma understood that he meant Vitamins. Because that is their routine, he will take his vitamins while still inside the pail :)

I could go on and on but what I really want to say is that the little boy is really growing up. Looking at him, I feel fulfilled that I have been part of this miracle, this gift from God.

Baby#2, is that you calling? :)

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