01 December 2009

Gene Pool

First off, it's December! :) It's usually the "busiest" month, with the holidays and kitakits.

On the 5th, Papa and Mama will be going home to Davao. Not sure when they'll be back, Papa will have to request for temporary assignment again.

On the 8th, it will be Mama's birthday (it will be her 57th pohon). On the same day, A and I will attend a former officemate's wedding.

On the 12th, A and I will be watching Lea's concert "Your Songs"...surprise ni A, bumili pala ng tickets after several hints from me. hehehe. I'm quite excited about that!

On the 19th, we will be going home to Davao and celebrate Christmas and the mag-ama's birthday there. Before that I still have to cover the gifts for the kiddos and bake some orders (of carrot cake).

In 23 days, it will be Christmas Eve. Syempre, in 24 days...Christmas day! :)

In 28 days, birthday na ng mag-ama ko. A and I will have a two-year old pohon. And A will be 30 yrs older than Ethan :)

On the 30th, we'll be back in Manila since we'll spend New Year's Day naman dito.


Now I get to this post's title...the gene pool.

People who know me way back when I was still a baby, i.e., my parents, my titos and titas always say that Ethan looks a lot like me. But for those who haven't seen my baby pics, they always say that Ethan looks like Albert.

Sabi nga ni Mama, kasi magkamukha daw kami ni Albert. Magaling si Lord at pina-partner Niya yung may similarities ang features para ung anak nila fusion ng dalawa :)

Here's proof:

That's me. I was around 14months old then. And here's Ethan:

Here are other shots:


Ethan is now 33.5 inches tall and weighs 11.7kg. Just recently, his uncle Abet sent some shirts for him, ang cool ng designs :) Though still a bit large, at least he has several shirts in line for him...hehe we don't need to buy him clothes for a while :)

I bought 2 pairs of pants for him from the recent tyangge sale in our office. A pair of kid's pants cost PhP100 at buy one, take one. So, a pair costs PhP50 lang. Not bad because the cloth, though denim, was really soft. Also bought him a pair of shoes. Pag suot nya ung pants and shoes, hay...boy na talaga si Ethan. Hindi na baby. :P still can't resist calling him baby though and kissing him a lot :D privilege ng nanay yan!

Ang daldal na rin...sometimes he babbles words that we can't comprehend but most of the time, he can hold conversations. About dinosaurs (taps = triceratops) and layn kim (lion king). He can dole out complements, "nice!", "wow!", "da" (ganda) and say thank you din ("kyu"). He knows the colors, can count from 1-10. He can solve simple puzzles. And so much more. Kids do know a lot, you can only marvel and be amazed at how much their brains can take in!

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