04 December 2009


Do you know what a "blate" is? How about "turtow"? "Ko...La!", "Gweegwee"?

Those are some of the words that come out of Ethan's mouth. It takes a few repetitions before I get to decipher the words. And it's fun when you do get to understand what the word is!

The first word, "blate", is actually bulate. He was asked where he and Lolo went during his visit to Marikina. He replied with creek. When asked what he saw there, he replied "blate". Hindi namin gets hehe. So he repeated, "blate". Still confused faces from us. So he said, worm (with the wriggly finger action) and that's when I deciphered it. An "A-HA!" moment for mama :)

"Turtow" is an animal, an amphibian specifically. One of the Wonderpets is a "turtow". Yup, it means turtle.

Perhaps you've heard/seen the commercial/call of ABS-CBN for change. Perhaps you've heard the song "Ako ang Simula". One day, Ethan just sang along with the commercial..."Ako ang Simula" (this is sung on a relatively high pitch)...Ethan burst into song.."Ko...La" hehehe.

Finally, "Gweegwee" is his name. When you ask him what his name is..."Tan...Gweegwee". That's Ethan speak for Ethan Gregory. :)


Heidi said...

nyahahaha! kakatuwa talaga mga bata... ganyan din yung alaga naming anak ng pinsan ko. Sabi nya sakin "Tita, Watow!" ako naman syempre naloka ako, ano yun?! Yun pala gusto daw niya ng "Water", hahaha!

BabyPink said...

Love ko si Tan Gweegwee! Parang Chinese! Hehehe:) Ang cute! :)

I have this niece na only her mom understands her, promise! Kasi sa amin parang "alien talk" talaga ang rinig namin. Hehehe:)

Moms are really super! :)

cheryll said...

@heidi: hehe. oo nga naman ang watow ay water :P

@babypink: nakakatuwang mag-decipher ha, para akong nag-crossword puzzle ulit :P