14 December 2009

Early Christmas Gift

I received an early Christmas gift (or was it a belated birthday gift? hehe) from A last Saturday. The opportunity to watch Lea Salonga's Your Songs concert!

I've always admired Lea's voice for its clarity. Also after reading through her blog and her column in Inquirer, it gave me SOME idea of how she is as a person. Her professionalism is also admirable, even with her stature in the international stage, she takes time to learn songs. When she sang for Cory's funeral mass (Bayan Ko), she took 2 (or was it 3?) days to "learn" the song and sing it repeatedly. From her blog, I also sensed that she's a hands-on mom and a breastfeeding advocate.
Needless to say, I admire the girl :)
So, being able to watch her in concert was truly a great experience for me. Being able to watch her in this particular concert, was the bomb! Hehe. The concept of her Your Songs concert is that people (i.e. fans) get to request a song that they would like to hear her sing.

Before the concert, A got good seats (we were seated sa gitna)

Requests ranged from Broadway songs to OPM love songs to Air Supply, pop songs and novelty songs :P She even sang (and danced with the Philippine All Stars) Rehab (by Amy Winehouse), Pokerface (Lady Gaga), Halo (Beyonce), Basang basa Sa Ulan (Aegis), Huling El Bimbo (EHeads), Himig Natin (Juan dela Cruz band), and did a duet with Jet Pangan (Salamat).

Richard Poon was also "awwww"-worthy. I can see a lot of women in the audience going giggly and so kilig. Ai Ai was a hit, ang kulit! And in fairness, she can sing :) She was even asked for an encore...I can understand how her shows/concerts can reach standing-room-only status.

After the concert, I even queued to have my souvenir program signed by Lea. Ask A, this is something which I DO NOT do. I even cringe at the thought of going up to an artista, say hi, and ask to have a photo taken with them. But with Lea, man, was I disappointed when they announced that she will just sign (so no picture-picture!). Waaahhhh, bummer!

Throughout the show, Ethan was on the back of my mind. We left him in the care of Lolo and Lola so that A and I can have our night out. It was the first time he slept (in the evening) without me by his side. He was asleep past 9pm (I texted Mama), at the time the concert has just started! But it appears that I'm the only one with the worries because the little boy didn't put up a fuss AT ALL. Hehehe. Apparently, he asked for us but when he was told that we were out (nasa office :P), he just accepted it and went on his merry way...singing "ang nagsindi nitong ilaw, walang iba kundi ikaw..." while waving a big poinsettia picked from Lola's Christmas tree. Well of course he did not sing sing...more of hummed and sang his own lyrics :)

It was a great evening and I can say it was worth the stress of traffic on the way to the concert and back! Hmm and that's BIG coming from me...I and my footlong patience :P On our way to the car pa pala (after the concert), I smelled the most gorgeous of smells...inihaw na dried pusit! Ah, it was heavenly to just take in the smell. I didn't buy though, maarte kasi ako sa street food, I only eat streetfood in UP hehehe.

Thanks, Ga for a dream come true. We missed Saigon and Cinderella...oks lang kasi sa concert na 'to nakita ko ang different sides ni Lea...na kaya nya ring maging malandi (kahit mejo manang pa rin) hehehe. Sabi nga ni Ethan, I...lov/f...youuuu! :)


Heidi said...

Wow, inggit naman ako! Tagal ko na di nakanood ng concert, plus I really like Lea Salonga also...

cheryll said...

abangan mo ung Cats,sa July naman :)

advanced Merry Christmas!

BabyPink said...

Ako sad, nainggit! It's my dream to watch Lea in concert. When we watched Miss Saigon, it was the time na hindi siya ang Kim. Alternate kasi sila noon. Hay. I've always liked her din.

And, I love Richard Poon. :)

cheryll said...

she with the crystal clear voice :P

si richard poon, sos dangs, daghan kaayog nagkisi-kisi sa kilig hahaha.

merry Christmas!