04 January 2010

Back to work

Happy new year to everyone...it's 2010! Can't believe we've gone through a whole decade in this new millenium. There was a time that I couldn't imagine how starting the year with "20" instead of "19" would be and now, a decade's gone already :)

We went home to Davao for Christmas. As always, I love going home. I love staying in our laid back city (although heavy traffic is not alien to our city - but still, way better than EDSA during rush hour). And no, hindi po magulo sa Davao.

The little boy played with Grandma's Christmas tree - kaya nawala na sa ayos ung lowest part ng tree - and with Grandma's butingtings. He also had his time watching Nick Jr and Cartoon Network. He played with his tito's (my cousin's) puppy and rode on my bro's old bike. We also went to Crocodile Park and he saw the small and large DewDews (read: crocodiles), birds, Simba (a large cement figure of a lion), Phant (elephant), key (monkey - actually an orangutan), and snakes.

Christmas Eve was spent exchanging gifts and videoke :) Ethan received a Mickey Mouse train from us, a train set with tracks from Grandpa and Grandma, a toy saxophone from Lollie (that's my tita) and a R/C truck from Uncle Soc. And boy, we had to find a box which can accommodate his toys since we need to check it in during our flight back. Not to mention, I had to stuff all spaces with clothes to ensure that the toys don't get jingled and jangled during the trip. Thankfully, his toys made it in one piece :)

My boys celebrated their birthday in Davao (pictures to follow, I have yet to get those from A). We had a lechon de leche (yum), a Backyardigans cake (from Red Ribbon), another cake (as a gift from Lolo July and Lola Trining), spaghetti, salad and fried chicken. A and I also ordered balloons (which were all left in Davao hehe). Kami-kami lang ang nandun so it was quite low-key, no stress for us.

Then we came back to Manila last Dec. 30 to meet the new year in Marikina. Kasama lang namin sa bahay sina Lolo at Lola :P Ethan still had gifts to open (from Tito Abet and Ninong Jojo)...both train sets - one was a Thomas and the Fire Engine train set (complete with a bridge and cave) and the other one was Emily with additional railroad tracks. Needless to say, the little boy was agog with excitement :)

In Davao (where firecrackers are banned), we had a quiet Christmas...in Marikina, relatively quiet (compared to previous years). There were several firecrackers lit a few minutes before midnight, went to a high during midnight then a few minutes after, tahimik na ang paligid. I remember when I was a kid (hindi pa banned ang firecrackers sa Davao nun), ang paputok nagsisimula na mga 11:30 pa lang. I had to check regularly kung 12MN na ba kasi andami ng paputok. Tapos peak during midnight - Judas belt, fountain, trompillo ayan sindihan na ang lahat ng yan. And it won't die down until mga 12:30am. Ngayon siguro hirap na talaga ang buhay, mahal ang paputok kaya unti na lang ang binibili :)

So, what are the plans for the year ahead?

I would really want to lose weight. And give more focus to the little boy. I'd like to allot at least about 30mins sa hapon/gabi (during weekdays) for him - to just read books, sing songs, ganyan. Sana magawa ko :P

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