12 January 2010


In preparation for the start of the construction of our house (yey!), I am currently reading the book Guide to Homeownership by Armando Ang. It's not easy...my eyes tend to go glassy from time to time especially if the author cites Articles and portions of the law.

The book is about 500pages thick, although I don't really need to read the whole book since there are chapters that touch on condominiums and townhouses.

I go on OC-overdrive on times like these when I need to prepare for something major. This Saturday, we will meet with our broker at the developer's office to discuss when we can have the house construction started, whether we can make amendments on the floor plan (at no additional cost), what the restrictions would be, etc. So I have 4 more days to browse the book and come up with my list of questions.

Aside from this book, I'm also looking up references to feng shui :P And so far, my mind is reeling with the information on the 5 elements, auspicious dates, correct areas to promote health, prosperity, etc.

In short, I am not doing so much job-based work. Much shorter, I am playing truant :P

But this is something that cannot wait *yeah yeah justify* so I really have to do this. Hopefully, I come up with my list soon. Maybe you have something to contribute? *wink*


Heidi said...

good luck sis!

cheryll said...

thanks heidi :)

happy new year too namie

BabyPink said...

Wow! Naa na ta'y new house, Mami? Ka-nice, oi!Na-happy ko ana nga balita! :)