12 February 2010

Getting that Picasso Vibe

We usually arrive home at 5PM from the office. Ethan is usually waiting for two short beeps from our car, looks out our window and says "Hallo, Papa. Hallo, Mama."

The other afternoon, as soon as I came in, he was pulling on my arm and giving me his drawing book and crayons. He was asking me to draw Pingu.

Do you know Pingu? In case you don't, here's a picture of him that I got from his website (http://www.pingu.net/).

Pingu is this clay penguin who is quite talkative and playful. Unfortunately, until now, I still haven't deciphered what his nationality is (although I have a strong suspicion that he's Japanese). Anyway, Ethan loves watching Pingu on ABC5 (Nick on 5) and sometimes when I catch it, I watch it with him. It's similar to watching silent movies.

So, Ethan was asking me to draw Pingu and his Daddy and Mommy (yeah, he sometimes calls us mommy and daddy. we don't know where that comes from). So, I made this.

I know, I know. I'm not the greatest artist there is in the world but the little boy's reaction gave me that Picasso vibe. I felt like one of the greats by just seeing Ethan's smile. Ahh, one of the gifts of parenthood :)

Happy weekend everyone!


BabyPink said...

Hala! Ka-cute ni Bibi Brader, oi! Nakakapanggigil! :)

cheryll said...

hehehe. lingaw na kaayo na sya dangs! daghan na ug kwento with matching facial expressions pa :)

Mrs. Jackie T (thebaghagdiaries.com) said...

Awwww sooo cute!!! My DK loves pingu too! I was able to get a Pingu stuffed toy in Tokyo and boy was the kiddo happy :D
Your little guy can really draw ha :) Galing!!!

Mrs. Jackie T (thebaghagdiaries.com) said...

Hahaha woops you drew it pala :) So I can tell you now that you can draw :) lol

cheryll said...

@mrs. t, wow! starstruck ako :) didn't think it was possible, le baghag left a comment on my blog. hehe. but thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. wahaha, thanks too for appreciating my attempts at drawing :)