27 February 2010

I was able to prepare several recipes this past week but didn't have the time to get the pics from the camera just yet.

I prepared chicken wings from Steamy Kitchen, self-frosting Nutella cupcakes, baked Spaghetti with both the sauce and cheese topping recipe from The Pinoy Cook, canonigo and meatloaf from Feeding the Boys, and cinnamon rolls from Realmomkitchen.

I will do my best to upload the recipes and pics next week because I really want to share these to everyone, most especially my experience with the recipes.

I still have some recipes which are part of my wishlist: No Knead Nutella Challah bread and Hainanese Chicken Rice from Steamy Kitchen, and pita bread from the Fresh Loaf.

Check out the links, you'll find great recipes there :)


Heidi said...

uy, tell me how your hainanese chicken rice recipe goes ha... it's one of my fave to eat these days e...

cheryll said...

hi heidi, sure! i'd definitely post my experience with it here. hope to cook it this weekend :)