22 April 2010

Favlelet is the new Black :P

Favlelet equals eggplants, Grimace, and Barney. Yup, favlelet is violet in Ethanspeak.

He used to say va-let and then one day we just heard him say favlelet while clutching a green button. Are you confused? Hehe. Let me explain. I bought a set of green and violet buttons from National Bookstore (from their scrapbooking section) which I intend to use for my sewing projects. The little boy used to play with these buttons that they ended up scattered into different corners of the house. One day, he saw a green button and he proceeded to point and chant "Favlelet. Favlelet." Needless to say, we couldn't get it even though I racked my brains out trying to decipher what he meant. I had an inkling, but the idea just didn't take shape. Until one day, he held out his baby bag (which was colored violet) and said, "favlelet". Turns out, my idea was right all along...he was looking for the violet button when he saw the green one :)

This would be another entry on Ethanspeak.

coco lala = coca cola
bushin = washing machine

There are some words that may be really difficult for him to pronounce but if he does pronounce the word, he enunciates it well. Like the sound of the letter "F". Or when he says "Express train" or "accordion" (and he knows what that is, too). Each syllable is well-enunciated.

It just may take him some time to finally pronounce violet or washing machine properly. Until that time, I'll enjoy the cuteness of favlelet and bushin. :)

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