19 April 2010

More Ethan Speak

Me: Ethan, haba na ng hair mo. Ask Papa to bring you to the barber.
Ethan: Papa...let's go...barber. Cut hair...
A: Okay, anong name ng barber?
Ethan: *thinking*
A: Bob? Bob the Barber (he's singing the theme song of Bob the Builder)
Ethan: Tama yun... (meaning, hindi tama yun)
A: Ay, ano pala dapat?
Ethan: Builders
A: Ah ok, Bob the Builder
Ethan: Ayunnnn. Tama!

A: Anong name ng barber? (ang kulit no? tanong nang tanong)
Ethan: Mister Barber

Ethan loves watching the Bananas in Pajamas (B1 at B2) which he and Lola catches on the Australian Network channel.

Me: Who's B1?
Ethan: Is-san (meaning Ethan; sometimes he gets confused by the "s" sound and the "th"sound)
Me: Who's B2?
Ethan: Papa
Me: How about mama?
Ethan: Lulu (one of the bear friends). Lolo, Morgan. Lola, bear din.
He notices that A is still not in the room (he's still preparing Ethan's milk for the night). Ethan goes near the stairs and calls out...

Ethan: B2!!! Are you?! (B2, where are you?)

The little boy can also count up to 13 now :P

He can also sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which goes something like this..

Twinkle Twinkle...little star
how wonder what are
above world high
daymond (diamond) in sky
twinkle twinkle... little star
how wonder what are

He's also starting to learn the concept of counting...not just the correct sequence of the numbers but actual counting. Sometimes, he gets confused when the objects are in disarray and he loses track of which items have been counted already but in general, he gets the idea :)

He loves books and listening to stories, even asking for stories that makes us make up stories from time to time. It's an exercise for our imagination as well.

Sometimes we work on some workbooks, one of which is the Disney Playhouse magazine (ethan speak = mazagin) which features several Disney Playhouse characters. It features simple puzzles like finding pairs or identifying which of the two pictures has more items on it. And the great thing is that he knows the right answers!

That's why our highest purchase for the month was on books (Well, except for gasoline and groceries of course)! But I'm fine by it, being a bookworm as well, because books will be there for a long time. He can keep on reading the books and learning about stuff.

The little boy is definitely growing up. I can see touches of me in him, whenever he gets very impatient haha, or of Albert when he sleeps with his feet touching a cement wall or just by being makulit.

And nothing beats that feeling of hugging his warm little body while we're asleep, or of receiving hugs and wet kisses from him, or just when he calls me Mama and holds my hand and I feel like I could slay dragons for him. :)

On another note, house construction is under way. The walls have been put up already (hollow blocks pa lang) and the front door jamb has also been erected. Whew, few months to go! Hopefully, we get to transfer by end of Q3 or early Q4 this year :)

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