23 June 2010

SYTYCD update

So, Tony and Paris got booted out. I wasn't able to catch the elimination show (I don't know when it was aired - boo) but not seeing them on the Week 2 performance meant only one thing, right?

For Week 2, I loved the Disco routine by Brandon and Janette. Thechoreographywentspeedoflightfast! It was unbelievable how the two of them managed to familiarize themselves with their routine, much more make it an amazing performance! Whew.

Image from chrissiatkisson.blogspot.com

I also liked the Pop-Jazz number by Kayla and Max. I loved how it had a story and amazing costume :)

Image from chrissiatkisson.blogspot.com

And of course, I'm still rooting for Karla and Jonathan who had such an emotional Contemporary routine that moved Mary Murphy to tears. Hehehe. Even though I know (by now) that Karla gets eliminated somewhere in the process, I'm still rooting for her :P and Jonathan (who's such a cutie).

Image from chrissiatkisson.blogspot.com

Randi and Evan (with their Jive number) are strong contenders as well. But I don't know, I just can't feel the chemistry there - same as with Asuka and Vitolio.

Image from chissiatkisson.blogspot.com

Image from avclub.com

I really hope I can catch the elimination show. I wonder when AXN schedules it.

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