19 July 2010

Been trying to get a few minutes of exercise this weekend by buying bread from the bakery that was nearest to our house - about 2 blocks away.

I was planning to do this morning routine - wake up at 4:30am, cook/prepare our baon, do two rounds of walking (on our village's main road), go home to prepare for work.

So I set the alarm for 4:30. I woke up when it rang but just had to snooze for 15mins more hahaha. Got up at 4:45, prepared our baon and Mama's breakfast. I was waiting for it to get a little bit lighter outside, was too chicken to get out in the dark :P So, I left the house at 5:15, bought bread but didn't do any walking because it was already late. I opted to clean our car, at least I can do some stretching na rin.

When I got to the office, my nose started to itch - you know that feeling when you get all sneezy and preparing to have a cold. Uh-oh. Maybe I should have worn a hat when I got out this morning.

Nahahamugan pa rin ba ang matanda? Akala ko para sa baby lang un? Hehehe.

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