20 July 2010

SYTYCD update

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Down to the Top 10 finalists for this season (I know, I know. I've already said since my first post that this is way too late)...

(Standing, from left: Melissa, Kupono, Kayla, Evan, Randi, Jason and Jeanine. Front row: Brandon, Janette, Ade)

This time, there was a change in partners as the girls picked their partner's name from a hat. First pair was Evan and Kayla. Now, Kayla is the tallest girl (but everyone falls short when they stand next to Cat Deeley though) while Evan is the short and stocky guy. AND, they were going to dance the Viennese Waltz. What they did was Evan wore the heels while Kayla went barefoot :) So they ended up almost the same height. Evan was quite strong as in one part, he lifted Kayla with just one arm! :)

They got a lukewarm response from Nigel and Mary, with Mary saying that Evan's feet appeared to be plopping instead of gliding. I think this may have to do with the height difference, Evan has shorter strides than Kayla so he had to make faster steps to catch up. IDK, just my opinion. But in the end, Debbie (the guest judge) called them White Lightning and Gene Kelly.

Next pair was Janette and Ade. This time, there was still a large height difference - Ade was the tallest guy and Janette the petite salsa dancer. They had a hiphop routine and I can really say, every week Janette just impresses me. She is very fiery and the way she dances, I can only say, she goes all out - her energy is a force to reckon with hehehe.

Needless to say, they got great reviews.

The third pair was Jason and Jeanine, choreographed by Travis Wall - the runner up of STYCD Season 2. It was the first time that he choreographed for the show. The pair had a contemporary piece which was quite moving and passionate. Mary Murphy was moved to tears when she was explaining just how much the show has helped nourish talent in dancing - given a former contestant could come up with something as moving as the routine.

Second to the last pair was Kupono and Randi who did a Paso Doble routine. The music is something that would make you imagine watching a bullfight. However, Kupono and Randi just didn't impress the judges. Well, they didn't even impress me :P Even I can discern that they were having a hard time, especially when they needed to do some lifts. Kupono didn't have the strength to lift (and sustain) stocky Randi. I think they would get eliminated.

Finally, the last pair was Brandon and Melissa who did a Broadway dance routine with the Age of Aquarius from Hair (the musical). It had a hippie-vibe with the flower power and peace mood. I really like it when Melissa does lifts, she seems to be floating on air, probably because of her ballet background.
So which did I like best? Jason and Jeanine's routine.

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