20 July 2010

Watercolor paintings

When we attended a birthday party last June, we gave a watercolor paint set to the birthday boy- complete with a set of paintbrushes, coloring book which was a tutorial of sorts, and palette. Ethan wanted watercolors too so we promised to buy him his own.

About a month ago, I was finally able to buy him his watercolor.

And he was so happy dipping his paintbrush in water then on the paint and proceeded to make several colorful lines and what-nots on his drawing paper :) Here are some of his works.

I always say that everyone starts out as an abstract artist...and some grow old with doing just that :) Here's his take on abstract painting...

A wrote Ethan's name and made the footprint. The rest are Ethan's brush strokes.

The long orange figure in the bottom left is a seahorse according to the little boy. So, I imagine this to be his take on an underwater coral garden. :)
See how much mothers love their kids? Hahaha.


BabyPink said...

Hala! Ka-nice, oi! Especially ang sa ubos. Makakita jud ko sa coral garden! Talented kaayo akong bibi brader! :)

You're doing a really good job, 'Mi! :)

cheryll said...

thanks 'nak roffing! :)

hahaha, na-appreciate pod diay nimo ang iyang coral garden!