23 July 2010


It's been a week since we last visited our house! Sana lang may nadagdag na...finish na lang e, paint, doors, toilet and ung sink sa labas ng bahay. Pati pala windows. Sabi ng contractor, pag napinturahan, pwede nang tuloy-tuloy ung paggawa nila. Daming palusot...

Been TL (tulo laway) for the past week sa mga craft blogs - here, here and here - among a few. Parang gusto kong mamili ng maraming tela hahaha. Meron din akong naka-line up na cross stitch pattern, may thread na ako just need the aida cloth. Namana ko ang pattern and extra thread from Mama. I'm itching to get started!

Sometimes I wish I am a SAHM so that I can do some stuff for our house - of course, while the little boy is asleep LOL. But then I realize that I need to go to work hehehe. Hopefully, in the future, I would have this chance.

This week, I managed to wake up at 4:30am and do a lot before going to work. I wake up at 4:30, prepare our baon/breakfast, buy bread (and manage to do some short walking), then clean the car.

So I realize, if I was a carwash girl, I should have earned at least P250 by today - assuming carwash rate is at P50/carwash. Mura lang rate kasi labas lang naman nililinis ko hehehe. Allowance na rin yun for a week :P

This would have been money saved IF A brings our car to the carwash everyday. Kaso hindi, so wala naman kaming natipid. Hahaha. I'll consider the P250 paid in kind na lang - kasi na-e-exercise naman ako sa umaga. So what's my point? Wala lang, random thoughts. LOL

Yey, it's Friday! Hopefully, we'll be able to watch Spartacus (the series) na tonight.


BabyPink said...

Mami! Ganahan jud ko magbasa sa imo entries, oi! Positive man jud kaayo. You always see the bright side of everything. Sana paglaki ko, mamana ko 'yan. Hehe:)

Loveyah, 'Mi! Missyah! :)

cheryll said...

wow, thanks for that, 'nak :)
you made my day...i'm really glad that i bring something positive to someone.

miss and love yah too!