04 August 2010

I received two comments from my dear friend Diane today and it really made my day. I am glad that I get to send out positive vibes to someone and equally pleased to learn about it. Thanks, 'nak! :)


We visited our construction site (haha) last Friday. We have doors now, th facade as well as the internal walls were already being painted. The toilet is almost done - the utilities are already being installed. Just a few more finishing touches and it can be turned over to us.

Never mind the bullheadedness or the rudeness of the contractor (and her peons). Pinapalampas ko na lang, ayoko nang ma-stress. What we do is talk to the engineer-in-charge for the project (who is from Suntrust) and just air out our concerns to him. I made it clear to him that we are having a hard time talking to the contractor hence we had to resort to talking to him about stuff.

We are already scheduled for seminar on the 14th (this is where they explain to the homeowner about things that are needed during acceptance/turnover). AND, our home loan has already been approved by the bank! Yey, just need to secure for the additional stuff we need - the ceiling, the floor (tiles) and extension of the kitchen counter.

The best is yet to come indeed. :)


I'm also on the initial stage of planning for Christmas decors. Hahaha. Excited ba? We plan to purchase a standard-sized tree. For the past 3 Christmases, we had a very small tree installed. It was only a little over a foot tall with mini-Christmas balls and ribbons. This year, I'd like to have a standard-sized one.

Now, why plan so early?

It's because I plan to make the ornaments myself. Hand sew fabric ornaments - I'm shying away from Christmas balls that can break and may hurt the curious little hands in the house. At least if we have fabric ornaments, he can't get hurt from it. I already have the stuffing and some felt fabric on hand, need to buy more fabric and of course, the tree :)


On a final note, we will be watching Cats on Sunday! :) I'm so excited for it. Thanks Ga for the tickets :)

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