09 August 2010


The tickets were bought almost right after we watched Lea Salonga's Your Songs concert last December. I didn't know about it but was really hoping to catch it so it was really a pleasant surprise from A.

The show was to start at 7:30 in the evening so it being it a Sunday where when traffic going to Manila (from the south) is really heavy, we left at 3:30PM. We were armed with our 16Gb MP4 player which contained Season 1 episodes of Spartacus:Blood and Sand. We also had a big bag of Marty's (the vegetarian cracklings hehe), 1 liter of water, a pack of Halls, a Cheeseburger deluxe and McChicken sandwich.

We arrived at the CCP complex around 4:30 and was able to find 1 parking slot in the CCP Parking area. It turns out the matinee show was still ongoing...we were able to find a better spot later on.

So, we stayed in the car and watched about 2 episodes before we decided to go inside and just wait in the lobby. Of course, I had to get a souvenir photo with the banner :P and we checked out the souvenir items. Unfortunately, those were really too pricey so I decided not to buy na muna.

Our seats were in Balcony 2 (yes, way up there), Row G (yup, almost the backmost row) but at least we were located at the center :) We purchased two binoculars (CCP version) for P50 each. According to A, using the binoculars upgrades you to Balcony I location seating. In all fairness, the binoculars really helped.

As I entered the seating area, I had to take a backstep kasi nalula ako sa taas! LOL. Imagining morbid stuff, I wondered if someone should trip on the steps and start rolling, is it possible for that person to fall off the balcony? According to A, that is what the wooden balustrade/barrier by the aisle was for - to prevent someone from falling off should they trip and start rolling. But really? With all the laws of physics, can they really assure me that it wouldn't happen? There is Murphy's law after all. LOL.

Anyway, when the show started, it got a little bit annoying because some of the people on the front rows started leaning forward hence blocking our view. The binoculars couldn't help. At all. Because of course, all you'd get is a magnified view of someone's hair...or worse, someone's scalp! Grr. The redeeming factor perhaps, is that sometimes, they get tired (these are oldies BTW) and lean back. Ahh, bliss!

As for the show, I liked the rhythm of the songs and I liked how everyone danced - very graceful. I'm really not very familiar with the musical but I read through Wiki on what the story is about. So, somehow I can grasp how the story was going. LOL. But to be really honest, I was only familiar with two songs - of course, Memory and the other one is Magical Mr. Mistoffelees. A on the other hand whispered to me that he was only waiting for the parts where Lea sings because he didn't understand the story. Well, he knew that there were cats who were waiting to know who would be identified to be reborn. Well, to be honest, that was really just the story :P

Now, about the performances...of course, Lea as Grizabella does not need much discussion. Her voice is magical and her enunciation is superb, period. How she puts feelings into Memory - awesome and elicited silence from the crowd. You could almost hear everyone just give a sigh right before the thunderous applause. :)

I also loved Rum Tum Tugger, oh he was so much! If a cat can swagger, Rum Tum Tugger really did! I also loved Mr. Mistoffelees, such a great dancer! In general, I loved how the cats cartwheeled. I loved it so much, I was wishing I could do cartwheels LOL :P

We were home by 11PM, the little boy was already asleep beside grandma and he was still sleeping when we left this morning. I really loved the experience! Thanks Ga for accommodating my whims when it comes to stuff like this :P If there was one thing that marred the whole experience, it was knowing that there was a little boy at home that I missed so much. But according to grandma, hindi naman daw naghanap sa amin. LOL :)


BabyPink said...

Cats!!! Waaah! Wa jud ko ninyo gi-uban, Mami! Grabe! Hay.

Kidding aside, dream jud nako makatan-aw ug Cats. As in, ever since I was in HS pa when I read about the musical, Cats. One day, makatan-aw ra lagi ko. :)

I'm glad you really enjoyed it. And, thank you for sharing your experience kay mura sad ko'g naa didto. :)

cheryll said...

you were with us in spirit :)

yes, enjoyed it in spite of the magnified scalps and hair strands hahaha. tapos ang boses ni lea ba, makatindog ug balahibo :P