08 October 2010

woohoo! I have finished 7 out of the 10 cross stitched ornaments that I am preparing for our Christmas tree (which still needs to be purchased).

I also have the fabric I need for our curtains but I am putting that lower on my priority list as it is faster to make. Although I still am thinking of purchasing a sewing machine from Ace Hardware. You know, the wee little sewing machine they're selling for about 3k. It would really help me with my crafts and sewing projects that I will get to do in the future hehehe.

We're done with the punchlisting for our house last Monday and there are just minor rectifications that need to be done and will be due this coming Monday. FYI, punchlisting is the process during which the buyers inspect the house (all the nitty gritty details) and if they find it acceptable, they then sign the acceptance documents and the house is turned over to the owners. So, we're almost done with that.

Discussions with our contractor (a new one) for the house improvements are also underway and they are ready to start work by next week. The budget is also almost-there *hahaha* but we have enough to cover the 50% for them to start with construction.

Life is really getting exciting! :) I can't wait to start prettifying (IKR, if there is such a word) our house. It will be slow but we'll get there :)

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