11 October 2010

Christmas decor list

I feel like I'm in my wedding preps again, making lists of things to do and crossing items out one at a time. Let me indulge my OC-ness.

- Purchase Christmas tree
- Purchase Christmas lights
- Finish 10 cross-stitched ornaments
- Enhance 3 1 snowman ornaments with beads
- Enhance silver Christmas balls
- Finish handmade ornaments: Reindeer, ornaments finished 2 last night! woohoo!
- Sew curtains for: sala, kitchen, master's BR, ethan's BR

Other stuff:

- Tutu: need to sew on pretty flowers, the tutu itself is done
- Buy 3 2 sets of doorknobs and deadbolt
- Buy 3 panel doors
- House turnover - scheduled today
- Buy shower curtain rod (and curtain)
- Pay bonds for house improvement
- Inform contractor of selected floor tiles and preferred layout
- Choose paint color - I'm currently drawn to lemon yellow for the sala and kitchen with Tiffany robin's egg blue for an accent wall and Ethan's room. Have yet to choose for our room. A has given me full reign for the colors :P
- Buy ceiling fan

What else? I think that's it for now. I'll have to revisit this list from time to time :)

We left the little boy's bottles in Marikina, except for one. So last night he had to drink his milk from a glass before sleeping. I had to explain to him that we need to do this for one week.

Me: Ethan, please drink your milk from a glass muna ha. Naiwan natin bottles mo sa Marikina. Para ma-save natin ung 1 bottle pag nagpatimpla ka sa gabi.
Ethan: O-o-Ke-ey. Pero buy na bottles sina mama and papa no?
Me: Hehe, di na muna tayo buy. Kasi next week naman makukuha na natin ung bottles mo.
Ethan: O-o-Ke-ey.

Yes, he's growing up. Fast. He already knows how to reason out. When we answer his workbook (for Preschoolers), he knows the right answer as well as the reason why it is the right answer.

Example, an activity which shows pictures of kids doing different activities and Ethan has to tell whether the kid is doing the right thing or not.

Example 1: A kid is shown being rowdy and climbing a cabinet
Me: Is it right to do that?
Ethan: No
Me: Why?
Ethan: Kasi baka mahulog. Bag! Bukol sya.

Example 2: A kid is shown unwrapping a piece of candy.
Me: After nyang balatan ung candy, san nya ilalagay ung wrapper? Sa table?
Ethan: No
Me: Sa floor?
Ethan: No
Me: Saan pala dapat?
Ethan: Sa garbage can.
Me: Ah ok. Ikaw ba sa garbage can mo tinatapon ung kalat?
Ethan: Yes!

And several other examples. He really has a lot of antics already, including posing when the Vaseline commercial (Uno! Dos! Tres! Quatro!) goes on air. And then last night, he sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with complete lyrics (although the tune still is a bit different hehehe)!

When he hears the countdown to Christmas, he says, malapit na ang birthday ko! :P

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BabyPink said...

Cute jud kaayo si Bibi Brader, Mami, ai! Makagigil kaayo. Bright, mana sa Mami! :)

Ang bata, 'no? Basta i-explain lang gyud ug maayo, makasabot man. :)