02 November 2010

52 days to go, and I'm way behind my list. I was out of the loop for about a week, A's grandmother passed away (rest in peace, Nanay) so I was out of the office for about a week. I just notice that with someone dying, it becomes a reunion of sorts...and people become updated on the lives of their relatives :)

Anyway, let me see how far I've come on my to-do list:

- Purchase Christmas tree
- Purchase Christmas lights
- Finish 10 cross-stitched ornaments
- Enhance 3 1 snowman ornaments with beads
- Enhance silver Christmas balls
- Finish handmade ornaments: Reindeer, ornaments finished 2 last night! woohoo!
- Sew curtains for: sala, kitchen, master's BR, ethan's BR

Other stuff:

- Tutu: need to sew on pretty flowers, the tutu itself is done
- Buy 3 2 sets of doorknobs and deadbolt
- Buy 3 panel doors - to be delivered on Friday! woohoo!
- House turnover - scheduled today
- Buy shower curtain rod (and curtain)
- Pay bonds for house improvement
- Inform contractor of selected floor tiles and preferred layout
- Choose paint color - chose light lemon yellow for the living room and kitchen, light blue for Ethan's room and light green for our room
- Buy ceiling fan

We had a small windfall so we opted to purchase a 2-burner gas stove hob for the kitchen! Well, it was that vs the ceiling fan. I decided to prioritize it because it needs to be installed on the kitchen counter vs the ceiling fan which we can have installed anytime :)

Also, some good news, our home loan proceeds have been released, FINALLY! So we can have our walls painted and the cabinets made. We're still checking if we have some extra money to buy cabinets for the rooms and wood laminates for our room flooring! One thing at a time, check and recheck the budget :)

I started clearing out some stuff last Saturday, and we still have SO MUCH stuff to dispose of! Again, one thing at a time. I really have to edit out our stuff because we have a lot that we couldn't fit into the house. Good thing, MIL offered that we can stuff some things in Marikina :P But still, we'll be handing out a lot of stuff, good thing that it's Christmas time, a time for donations and hand-me-downs :)

Guess I'll have to end here. I'll try to take pictures of the house so that I can post soon :)

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