17 November 2010

Finishing touches are underway...yesterday, they were almost done with the hanging cabinets. My kitchen counter is very pretty already :) What I really love are our doors! We purchased panel doors (solid wood, mahogany) and had them varnished by our contractor and they turned out so great! I'm so happy with our doors *ehem, obvious ba?*

Let me check my checklist:

- Purchase Christmas tree -- waaahhhh, wala pa rin!
- Purchase Christmas lights
- Finish 10 cross-stitched ornaments
- Enhance 3 snowman ornaments with beads
- Enhance silver Christmas balls
- Finish handmade ornaments: Reindeer, ornaments finished 2 last night! woohoo!
- Sew curtains for: sala, kitchen, master's BR, ethan's BR

Other stuff:

- Tutu: need to sew on pretty flowers, the tutu itself is done
- Buy 3 sets of doorknobs and deadbolt
- Buy 3 panel doors - to be delivered on Friday! woohoo!
- House turnover - scheduled today
- Buy shower curtain rod (and curtain)
- Pay bonds for house improvement
- Inform contractor of selected floor tiles and preferred layout
- Choose paint color - chose light lemon yellow for the living room and kitchen, light blue for Ethan's room and light green for our room
- Buy ceiling fan

We were also able to buy our wood parquets for the rooms yesterday! And stuff for the bathroom (mirror, shelf, towel rack, and bidet - because our t&b is just too small that it would be too tight inside if we have a big pail) :) there goes my Christmas bonus (although, I also placed a portion of it to savings - see, I can be good).

Hope to have the house done this week so we can slowly bring our things in by next week and schedule our move in by Nov28.

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