01 December 2010

There's no place like home

Ahhh, it feels great to finally have our own house, a milestone indeed :)

We moved in last Sunday morning but I was on leave since Friday to do last minute clean ups and packing. Still, we stayed up past12MN of Saturday, then the hauling truck arrived at 7AM of Sunday. We were done with all the unloading by lunchtime and left with a disaster area LOL.

By Monday afternoon, this was how the house looked like...

The kitchen...of course, that's where we start :) I believe it was the first area that got cleaned up and semi-organized because it is the most used part of our house.

The cabinet houses a lot of stuff - some toys, tall stuff like the ironing board, mops, old stroller etc, extra toiletries, bed linen, towels, curtains, among others. The brown door leads outside while the white one leads to our teeny tiny toilet & bath.

This is our room, also known as the Green room. As you can see, it still a disaster of sorts with boxes and stuff all over. The little boy is busy watching his Pocoyo movies. He's wearing a vest and socks because it was very cold. In fact, I can't take a bath in the morning without hot water; water from the tap is as cold as just-melted ice! We are located near Tagaytay so what do we expect?

Then this is Ethan's room aka the Blue room. That's Lola Lory on her mattress :) Ethan's bed was also his crib - it's convertible to a toddler's bed...you can see the crib railings near the bed. And yes, he played with his toys and left Makibao (that's the zebra with a green scarf) lying on his side har har.
And this is our living room aka evacuation/disaster area :P it would be the last room that will be organized and cleaned up. I will be able to clean up the house in time for Christmas :) yeah, I'm sure I will. Definitely. Very. Confident. Uh, sure.

Which brings me to my list:

- Purchase Christmas tree -- waaahhhh, wala pa rin!
- Enhance silver Christmas balls -- mukhang leave it as is na
- Sew curtains for: sala, kitchen, master's BR, ethan's BR -- dapat magawa ko sa weekend
- Glue gun all parts of the Christmas wreath
- Finish Merry Christmas garland -- almost there!

Other stuff:

- Buy shower curtain
- Buy curtain rods and braises
- Screen windows and door -- to be installed on Sunday!
- Buy closet for the Green room
- Buy a couch
- Buy a stepladder -- for the vertically-challenged moi

Whew! A lot to do but I know I'll be able to do it, watch me...I'll keep you posted. ;-) *that's psyching myself*


chepie said...

congratulations che!!! :) God bless your home! :) stay happy and in good healthy! :)

BabyPink said...

Wow! Congrats, Mami! Karon pa ko ba! :)

God bless your home! :)

Heidi said...

Wow! Needless to say, it's been a while since I hopped by your blog so I had no idea na you moved in na pala to your new nest... Congrats! It looks so homey!

cheryll said...

thanks pie, roffing and heidi! :)