13 December 2010


- Purchase Christmas tree -- waaahhhh, wala pa rin!
- Enhance silver Christmas balls -- left it as is
- Sew curtains for: sala, kitchen, master's BR, ethan's BR -- dapat magawa ko sa weekend
- Glue gun all parts of the Christmas wreath
- Finish Merry Christmas garland -- almost there!

Other stuff:

- Buy shower curtain
- Buy curtain rods and braises
- Screen windows and door -- to be installed on Sunday!
- Buy closet for the Green room
- Buy a couch
- Buy a stepladder -- for the vertically-challenged moi

Well what do you know, I am almost done with my list. I have also wrapped some gifts last night. I wanted to wrap all the gifts but I ran out of wrapper (haha as if andami ng gifts, 2 pieces na lang kasi wrapper).

Crunch time!

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BabyPink said...

Happy 2011, Mami! Hugs and kisses to you, Dadi and bibi bradir! God bless you always! :)