06 January 2011

First off, Happy New Year to everyone! All my digits are intact so I have other reasons for my lack of posts :P

Yep, I was able to push through with my plans on my list (pardon me, I just need closure hehehe):

- Sew curtains for: sala, kitchen, master's BR, ethan's BR -- but it did take me until the afternoon of Dec 24th to finish everything!
- Buy curtain rods -- with much push on A to go and buy the long rods from the hardware just outside our subdivision
- Buy closet for the Green room
- Buy a couch
-- the last two items were purchased on Dec 16 and were delivered (with much hullabaloo! first, they weren't able to deliver on committed date then they delivered the wrong couch!) only on the 27th

Only thing left on my list is to buy the stepladder. For now, I am using our aesthetically-challenged used-to-be-white Monobloc chair WHICH I am planning to overhaul by spraypainting it red! I already have the materials, all I need is the time to finally push through with the project :P

Our house was blessed last Dec 29 and we had a small salu-salo with family and friends (which includes neighbors - 2 families for now) also to celebrate my mag-ama's birthday. It was fun but I can see the wisdom in Lucy Torres-Gomez's hosting mantra: to invite a small group at a time, with all of them having something in common with you. This way, you would not be missing out in your hosting duties to any group.

Finally, it's back to work after 2 weeks of vacation time. Buti na lang, I am on one-week training, I get to assimilate at a gradual pace!

Here's to wishing us all a great 2011 and praying for good health, safety, peace, love and happiness and more blessings for this year -- and of course, thanking the Lord for keeping us within His grace in 2010!

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