11 January 2011


A great morning to everyone :)

So, how's your first ten days of the year? Yes, I know, time really flies fast and before we know it the first month of 2011 is over!

That's why I resolved to write down some goals for the year. Last year has been quite a tough year financially especially the first half. Thankfully, things managed to get easier around August and THANKFULLY, the Lord has always been there to provide when the going got really tough.

This year, we plan to build up our savings and hopefully restore it to how it was before our financial meltdown :P

A and I talked about it earlier on the way to work, it would be nice to bring Ethan to the beach, the zoo, and an oceanarium. The little boy has experienced swimming in a pool but I would like to see his reaction when he sees the wave as it crashes on the shore. I'd love to see him running as if he is being chased by the waves - much like what I experienced when I was small. I would LOVE to build sandcastles with him (kahit hindi ako marunong, madali namang pasayahin ang bata). He also loves watching animals, hence the zoo and the oceanarium. I promise to come up with a budget for this :)

I would also like to do some travelling, if the budget permits. But I would really like to go home to Davao for the holidays :) I have about a year to save up for that; I also have to be vigilant in monitoring seat sales for the different airlines!

I guess that's my list for now. I would like to put in that I want to lose some weight but that has been on my mind for like 15 years since! :P


Heidi said...

We have somewhat similar goals this year, let's cross our fingers (sama na rin toes, hehehe) that we accomplish them...

BabyPink said...

Haha!:) Mami, nakakatawa ko sa last sentence! ikaw jud! :)

Na-remember na hinuon nako among silingan sa una ba. They went to the beach sad ba unya their baby sister (around 3 at that time), when they came back, was telling us animatedly, "We went to the beesh and there's a biiiiiig *with action* swimming pool there!" Hehe:)

cheryll said...

hahaha mao ba roffs? :) hay kinahanglan na jud mabawasan