28 February 2011


MS Paint is an application that gets the most traffic in our dilapidated laptop (hehe).

*Side kwento: A bought a SmartBro (dongle) kit but cannot make it work on our laptop - tried having it activated, loaded some credit, wala talaga. Only to find out that it works on his Kuya's laptop. Patay, bagong laptop na kelangan LOL*

Anyway, back to MS Paint. Ever since we've introduced MS Paint to Ethan, he loves tinkering with it. You can find him seriously quiet (after a few episodes of his favorite Bob the Builder or Pocoyo) and just doodling on Paint.

At first, he was always asking us to draw his builders (Bob the Builder's construction crew) which resulted to something like this:

Yes, it includes pictures of everyone, including Grandpa&Grandma, Lolo&Lola and Sabrina. And yes, that's the best I can come up with hahaha. There's Lofty, Muck, Travis, Dizzy, Scoop, Scrambler and Rolly (if you want to see their actual appearance, just Google Bob the Builder LOL).

And then, there's A's version of Lofty (with Ethan adding the details LOL):

Sometimes, he also asks me to draw his trains, or him swimming with a dolphin.

The magic of Paint, you can just copy and paste an image then change the color. Madayang nanay! LOL

In case you're wondering, yes, that's an igloo!

And sometimes, there are really weird requests, like drawing him while he "pupu"s :P

A also gets his share of requests. I saw this picture showing Ethan and a little girl (I'm guessing it's Sabrina) playing pingpong.

Sino kaya ung natutulog? LOL

The little boy also requests for drawings showing how his day was like - we went to Home Depot (where he played on a slide), and he saw Santa, then we went to Nuvali and saw a lot of koi fishes; Chinese New year in Sampaloc with the dancing dragon and him playing "hit the palayok" (LOL, sorry I can't remember the name of that game) which contained a lot of confetti. Of course, we rode Pula (our car) when we went to these places. Everything is contained in this picture. Ah, what a mother has to try and do to depict these memories...

And then one day, I just told him...you try to draw pictures on your own. He said he doesn't know how to and I insisted and told him that he can do it. Because he's magaling ... LOL lumulusot lang ako kasi ayokong mag-draw hahaha.

And these are what he came up with:

That's a rocketship (the yellow one)

Do you see Pato (Pocoyo's friend duck LOL)?

a house by Ethan, the car by me haha

a big, big catfish (with the red whiskers)

Mama, look! I drew a lion!

And then one day (Feb 21), he wrote his name. I forgot after how many tries, but that's not the point ;-) Ah, success! :) Sweet, sweet child. Papa and Mama are so proud of you!

p.s. I also have a watercolor abstract painting that Ethan made, waiting to be framed.

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BabyPink said...

Wow! Genius sad si Bibi Brader! :)

By the way, 'Mi, same number gihapon ka? :)