28 February 2011

some updates

It's the last day of the month, and Mama's last week with us before she flies home to Davao on Saturday pohon. Was quite an activity-filled month especially when Papa was also here and we were always out during weekends.

Off the top of my head:
  • lunch at Bag of Beans (bundat!)
  • Paradizoo in Tagaytay
  • Toy Kingdom (Megamall) - hurrah for Ethan!
  • swimming in Pansol

We were finally able to achieve one of our goals for the year - go to a zoo! We actually planned to go to Ark of Avilon but it was the day of Gen. Reyes's burial so I was anticipating the traffic that was called C5 so we decided to go to Tagaytay instead.

Ethan had a great time looking at the ostrich ("sexy lumakad"), the tigers, and Milky the white lion cub (who is just too too sad trapped in a small cage - cage pa nya nung cub pa lang sya pero di na sya cub ngayon). He also enjoyed the magic tricks and the Waka Waka dance number LOL! He didn't want to ride on the tiny horse (what's it called? I forgot) to have his picture taken. Takot daw sya hehe.

Of course, since Grandpa was here, the little boy scored a lot of trains (again) to add to his growing Thomas the Tank Engine collection. A few days before we were scheduled to go to Toy Kingdom, he was already enumerating the trains he wanted - started with just Mavis, Toby and Edward which progressed to Mavis, Toby, Edward, Duck, Donald and Oliver! Buti na lang maraming out of stock hahaha - he was only able to buy Duck, Edward and Stanley.

And then, his Uncle Abet was home from Australia so andaming pasalubong din na toys! He had 6 Hot Wheels cars, a soccer ball, an educational VTech Buzz Lightyear toy (which he's scared of) and several shirts and shorts ulit. Such a blessed little boy to have a lot of people who give him stuff - lucky us! LOL.

Then we went swimming (sort of despedida for Kuya Abet) in Pansol. Last time we were there he was about 2yrs and 4months old (during his cousin Sabrina's birthday) and he was just floating along his salbabida. But this time, he was able to really enjoy swimming. Nakakatuwa kasi hindi sya takot sa tubig. He even dips his head on his own and knows to hold his breath underwater. He jumps from the pool's side into the water and eventually was able to walk on his own (on tiptoes) in the kiddie pool (I think about 3 ft deep). Ayaw din umalis kasi swim pa daw sya, I'll try to bring him to the ocean when we go home to Davao in June pohon.

Yes, may ticket na kami papuntang Davao for a one-week stay in June! Yey!

I think that's a quick roundup of our activities for the month. Had a lot of fun! :)

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