05 April 2011

If it was a challenge to find food the other night, yesterday was a bondat day for me. My training started at 10am then we had lunch past 12. I didn't have enough sleep the other night so there was some point where I was trying VERY hard not to doze off. Good thing was that my training is more of a hands-on type of training instead of classroom stuff! Breakfast was buffet type in the hotel but I didn't eat much - one tiny croissant, one dinner roll, butter, lots of orange juice, 2 pcs of bacon, 2 pcs of Korean sausage, half a kiwi. Lunch was a different matter though. My trainor brought me to a Chinese restaurant just within the company's vicinity. He chose the course menu, worth 35000 won each! He told me later that his Sr. Engr. scolded him because lunch was too expensive but he was wondering why there had to be a limit. Hehehe. Anyway, for lunch...it started with 3 pika-pika: peanuts, pickled cabbage (not kimchi) but something a bit spicy with some vinegar, and pickled radish & cucumber. I actually ate the radish, it was good. It tasted something like hilaw na mangga LOL. Then there was mixed seafood in a clear soup, yum. Then stir fried mushrooms/asparagus/squid/shredded green onions/young corn and maybe there were some other stuff but those were the only items I was able to identify. Then fried breaded shrimp with lettuce with a dressing that was something like caesar's salad dressing. Yum again. Next came 2 giant scallops sauteed in something like sweet&sour with minced mushrooms, red peppers, bell peppers. Then came the spicy stuff - stir fried beef with mushrooms (several types) and lots of hot pepper, served with mantao hehehe. I wasn't able to finish this because it was quite spicy and I ran out of mantao that served as my neutralizer. I thought that was it when the waiter asked if I wanted rice or noodles. What??? I asked what they served with it, my trainor told me just that - rice or noodles. So I chose noodles. Good thing the serving was not much, and it was in clear soup. And last course was dessert - strawberry sorbet. Wow, that was really a lot but it was good :) Buti na lang hindi ako inantok nung hapon. Panay hands on activity naman so gumagalaw kaya rin siguro. So for dinner, I just asked our trainor for something light. I wanted a quick one because I still planned to go to Homeplus - their hypermarket - and check out the chocolates, etc. Turns out Homeplus has a food court. I chose a Japanese-like meal (for 5500 won) with noodles & soup (clams and shrimp) plus a side dish of tiny sushi-like (but just rice) with egg strips + kimchi. My trainor ordered bimbimbap and he gave me some so that I'll know the taste. Again, I wasn't able to finish dinner - very large servings here! But they're so slim! Waaahhhh! That's all for my first day. I'm now trying to get some stuff done before my trainor fetches me at 9am. It's now 7:30 and I still need to have breakfast. At least I had a good night's rest. And last night I was able to see my little boy although I couldn't hear him and he couldn't see nor hear me :P A was able to get TeamViewer which allows me to access his laptop at home. It had a camera so I saw them - happy :) I miss my mag-ama.

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