03 April 2011


My first time to go to Korea and I end up missing my stop on the bus going to the hotel :P I was briefed that the last stop would be the hotel but I guess the driver had other plans. Hehe. I heard him call out IBIS and some other words I didn't understand so I had no idea that he was asking if someone will go down at IBIS :P Good thing there is another passenger who also intends to go to IBIS hotel. So we shared a taxi ride, split the bill. He's from Taiwan, here on business too. Funny, he was trying to speak in Chinese with me, probably checking if I knew how to. Hehe. I think I get mistaken for some other nationality. When I was in Japan, a guy on the same train talked to me in Japanese. Because he thought I was Japanese, but the funny thing is (or was it ironic), he was Caucasian. Anyway, I digress. I'll be here for 5 nights, be coming back on an early flight on Friday. Five nights away from my family, 5 nights sleeping on a double-sized bed...all on my own. Ah, I miss the little boy. Only way to communicate is through Google chat and text. Sadly, this laptop (issued by the company) does not have camera so we can't go on video chat :( Oh, had dinner in a Korean (of course, I'm in Korea, right?) restaurant at the back of the hotel (courtesy of the Taiwanese friend hehe). We had to go outside and place our order using their tarpaulin as it was the only one that had pictures on it :P We ordered Kimchi soup, I asked if it was spicy, the waiter said "No, not hot". And he was right, the soup was indeed COLD. Hehehe. We saw a small pot (steaming hot) so we ordered that one and again split the payment. The soup turned out to be some spicy soup with cucumbers, red peppers (the really spicy type) and tofu. It was served with rice. Tried it but found it too hot. :P So I ended up eating the rice with the side dishes (pickled veggies, nori, tiny sausages) and now I'm too full from the noodles and rice :D Wow, welcome to Korea! :)

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BabyPink said...

Hala! Mi-adto diay kas Korea? Nah, mu-adto sad ko, oi! Ugma na dayon! Chos! Hehehe:) Seriously, gusto jud ko maka-adto didto one day! :)