01 June 2011

Wow, June na. Ang bilis ng panahon...ang dami ko pang utang na post.
Hehe, pasensya na po Pie, sana magawa ko pa ung post na sinabi ko hehe.

Uuwi kami sa Davao on the 11th, yey! :)

*** just to document Ethan's development***

On our way to Manila, while on SLEX:
Ethan: Drive through naman tayo sa McDo, gutom na ako e (parang true!)
Me: Ok, what do you want?
Ethan: Fries and Coke Float.
(after we ordered, he tried sipping the Coke but cannot kasi tinusok ko sa ice cream ung straw hehe)
Ethan: Mama, it's just not working! *kunot noo*

While reading about underwater creatures, we came across the word invertebrate. I explained to him that an invertebrate is an animal without a backbone. A and I let him feel my spine...
Me: That's the backbone
Ethan: Ito...(pointing to my ribs) frontbone


Just last night, some neighbor kids were in the house and played with the little boy (Bob the Builder). When they went home:
Ethan: Pano na yan? Pano na ako mag-fix [ng gamit]? Wala na ang friends ko?
Hehehe dramatic

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chepie said...

nag-nosebleed ako kay Ethan. hehehe

yes, i am still waiting for your post for my blog. :)

but do enjoy your Davao trip first. God bless! :)