21 June 2011

Just came from our 1 week vacation in Davao. Ayoko pang bumalik sa trabaho :P

The little boy LOVED staying in Davao, in fact, ayaw nya pa raw mag-babay sa Davao. And he was asking me if we can go back to Davao (nung nasa bahay na kami sa Sta. Rosa ha!). My gosh, baby, if only it were that easy, I'll be flying with you asap. Kasi pati si mama gusto rin mag-stay pa dun :)

He had a grand time watering Grandma's plants every morning, watching Playhouse Disney until 10pm (later than his usual sleeping time), playing with puppies, feeding Jandy (Grandma's lone fish) and birds (with matigas na kanin LOL). It was his first time to really experience Davao kasi dati pag umuuwi kami, sobrang bata pa sya to appreciate it.

We were also able to bring him to the beach. Although it wasn't a "pretty" beach, at least he experienced playing with sand, shrieking with delight upon seeing waves crash on the shore...his imagination letting him think that the ocean takes away kids to distant islands.

He also swam in the first "wave pool" in Davao, wearing a lifevest and bravely swimming even in very deep water - confident because the life vest allowed him to float. When they take breaks (to eat), he was always on the lookout and egging his Papa to eat faster so that they can go back to the pool and swim again :)

I would love to let him experience that again. Hopefully, we get to stay longer next time.

I'll post pictures once I'm able to copy the files from A's camera. I am a little bit very much delayed in creating posts for my blog BECAUSE of this...

Yes, going on 3 months! :) Of course, we don't know yet if Tips (as Ethan has called Baby#2) will be a girl or a boy, not that it matters. So there...till my next post.


chepie said...

happy happy happy news!!!! :)

cheryll said...

thanks pie :)

Heidi said...

hey, I'm so happy for you... mauna lang pala ako by a couple of months (hehehe!)