06 September 2011

Yes, Tips is a girl :) so quota na. hehehe.

I had my ultrasound yesterday, with A, Ethan and my mama. Kaya sabay-sabay naming nalaman na girl si tips :) sabi ni kuya Ethan, ibang Tips na lang daw. hahaha, as if ganun kadali.

She's due around A&Ethan's birthday, so pag nagkataon...1 big celebration na silang 3 pohon *tipid*

I'm excited kasi makakabili na ng girlie clothes, maayusan na ng clips pohon - ginawang doll.

I also gained 3 lbs since my last check up. A little bit short than the target of 4lbs but at least I gained weight. I lost 8lbs in between my first and 3rd month checkups. Then gained only 1.5lbs on my 4th, so my doctor asked required me to gain at least 4lbs! And had me check my blood sugar (OGTT) because low gain weight is one sign of high blood glucose level.

I'll get my result this afternoon and I'm crossing my fingers and praying that my blood sugar level is normal...I don't want to go into insulin injections, please!

Hmm...what other news? Mama is around and will be staying for one month, yey! Ethan is almost done with this Level 7A in Kumon (Reading) and it's really amazing how he is able to read familiar words (ung mga paulit-ulit) like "is, in, the, and, ox, on, zoo". He can also comprehend how to read two letter words. Although sometimes, he spells "off" as F-O-O daw. hehehe.

He also knows the letter sounds, that's why he knows that the item pictured is "water" and not "milk" because of the first letter of the word :)

There is one other news pero pohon na lang pag medyo mas may linaw na :)

Finally, 110 days to go, Christmas na! So excited...

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BabyPink said...

Merry Christmas, Mami! :)

Hala, oi! Duha na mi nga gels ni Tips! Yehey! Mayrun na akung kalaru! Excited much! :)

Hay, bright jud ning akong manghud nga Ethan, oi! Simpre, saan pa magmamana, 'di ba? Eh 'di, sa ate niya! Hahaha! Bitaw, genius baya among Mami! :)