27 September 2011

Baby Names

Wrote this last September but for some reason, I couldn't publish it. Some tech issue here at work. Anyway, I really hope this works today...
We are again in the process of selecting a name for our little one :)
I like the name Ianna. And would like to have Karmelle as her second name but A doesn't like Karmelle daw. So I'm also thinking of Kathlyn (which A also likes) but my mother doesn't hahaha. Ang hirap mamili! But I think we're quite definite with the Ianna (which means God is gracious).
Now, why I and K? May kwento yan. Our initials are A & C (skipped B), then we have Ethan Gregory (skipped D then F). So to follow the pattern, I will skip H and J hehe.
I also like the name Sofia pero marami na rin ang Sofia :P (well, much like Ethan hehe)...Danielle would also be nice then mama comments, parang ung sa horror daw. I almost scratched my head then a light bulb went *ping* and I told her, "Ano ka ba, Damien un mama." Hahaha she was thinking about The Omen.
So, I'm still stuck. Maybe you have something in mind...what name that starts with K would sound nice with Ianna?
Meanwhile, mama will be going home to Davao on Sunday. Back to the old routine na naman ako. Meron na naman kaming kasama sa bahay, but still needs constant reminders on her chores. And I don't feel like leaving her alone with Ethan while we're in the office. Mabait naman ung bata kaso hindi ako masyadong confident na kakayanin nya.
So, magpapasama ulit kami sa mama ni A.
Christmas is almost here. Have you started your Christmas shopping? Ako, medyo. At least meron na akong 2 na na-cross out sa list ko :P hope we can take time pa to buy stuff before my tummy gets too heavy (kaso syempre, kelangang may budget hehe).
I guess this is all for now. Ethan is becoming very precocious, trying to exert his independence to the point of really trying my patience sometimes. So I need a longer rope :P Nevertheless, he's still my beloved little boy who's very affectionate and brings a smile to my face. He brought home a flower for me last Sunday after his visit at our neighbor's house (nagpaalam namang kukuha ng bulaklak, don't worry hehe).
And he's such a parrot...a funny parrot! Never ending talks and imagines being part of some faraway place with his favorite cartoon characters as his playmates. He loves watching Nick Jr especially Team Umizoomi...then doodles on his drawing pad, or plays with Connect the Dots.
He's also starting to do phonetic reading, recognizing 2-3 letter words such as Go, And, The, Up, Zoo, An, It, Is, In, On, Off, etc. It's amazing :)
I'd like to end this post with a short prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for always providing for us, thank you for your grace and blessings. Thank you for keeping us healthy and safe. Amen.

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