23 November 2011

So, it turns out, I just had to switch to the new blogger interface and voila! my previous post was published...poor tech-challenged me. LOL.

November is almost over, which means...ML for me, birthdays for my mag-ama, Christmas and New Year, of course! The most wonderful time of the year for me :)

About a month ago, I was a bit panicked that we didn't have our supplies ready for Tips. It was just the paranoid in me worrying that I might give birth prematurely. I'm glad to say that now, I'm a bit more prepared...I've bought supplies that Tips and I would need while in the hospital, her lampin and clothes are already washed and ironed, we've bought pillows for her na rin. Only thing left for me to prepare for is knowing when to give birth! Yes, you read it right...even if this is my second time, I do not know how to tell if I'm going to give birth because, as you would recall, Ethan was induced. So, I come in still a bit unprepared :)

On the name game, we have something in mind for her second name but not yet entirely decided :P (But most probably, it is final - gulo, no?)

I have a lot of projects in mind...and several projects still pending. I would really want to work on my projects when I get home from work but sometimes, the lower back pains and difficulty in finding a suitable sitting (or lying) position gets the better of me.

Not to mention that the little boy is getting a little bit more clingy. Always wanting to be by my side "Hug muna tayo, mama" "Office ka ba? Ayoko. Kasi love kita" "I have a flower for you, mama" very sweet, and so hard to resist.

He's in Level 5A in Kumon (reading) now and knows how to read (I don't doubt it anymore LOL). Lately, he loves to watch Strawberry Shortcake (in Cartoon Network), I know parang pang-girl pero siguro attractive ung colors. He loves to draw and color (can finish his Copy the Color books in one night) which we encourage, but is very lazy to practice writing (which Albert tries really patiently to remind him - surrender kasi muna ako, naninigas tummy ko hahaha).

I have 3 weeks to go before my maternity leave starts, and I am SO looking forward to it and the coming year. We have scheduled a longer stay in Davao, and some other development that I'd rather talk about if it has become more definite...mahirap na, baka mausog (wag naman sana).

And yeah, Christmas shopping...almost done. Mga boys na lang...hirap kasing mag-isip ng gifts for boys lalo na if they seem to have what they need na (or we can't afford to give them what they want LOL).

So, I guess I'll have to cut this...till my next update.

p.s. I passed my second OGTT (yahoo!). My OB says maybe it's just the way it is (to date, I have not yet returned to my pre-pregnancy weight, I'm off by 1 pound). In total, I have gained 7 lbs lang! But Tips is of the proper size naman according to the ultrasound result. Salamat sa Diyos.

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