29 March 2012

It's been a while...

Definitely, more than a while pa nga e :P

Anyway, I've been back to work since March 5 but have been on leave for several days din. First, I got sick with pneumonia and confined for 4 days. I was sad, sira na record ko of no hospitalization except during childbirth :( but then it happened, it's not fun staying all day in a room, watching TV, waiting for your meals or someone to accompany you. What was worse was that I couldn't be with my kids, especially Ianna. At least si Ethan nakabisita. And to make matters worst, I had to pump & dump because according to the pulmonologist, I had to stop breastfeeding while on medication! Imagine my regret and dismay seeing my precious breastmilk go down the drain. Oh, and to make matters (again) worster (hehe), Ianna suffered from cow's milk allergy and she was going through vomiting episodes and diarrhea while on Nan HA. Good thing is that I had some milk stocked before I got admitted so hindi naman sya naka-Nan all throughout that week.

Then Monday came and we brought Ianna to the pedia because we were getting scared that she'd get dehydrated with all that poo and vomit coming out (sorry, TMI). That's when we learned that that was an allergic reaction to cow's milk. Her pedia told me that I can go back to breastfeeding. Apparently, I can go on breastfeeding unless it was medication for cancer that I am taking (knock on wood!). We went back immediately to breastmilk and bye bye diarrhea for Ianna! In the words of Ethan..."Whew, that was close!"

I'm just glad that Ianna has recovered and that we were able to bring her to the pedia on time. Inis na inis ako sa pulmonologist. Imagine, she even made me go through CT Scan to make sure that the white spots seen thru x-ray was pneumonia and hindi lang nagdikit-dikit na ugat! But that's another story that I don't want to talk about, it will just make this post very negative :P

Ethan also had cough and cold and had to take antibiotics. Good thing, nag-respond well sya to the medicine and is now recovering his appetite, anlaki kasi ng pinayat, nakakaawa.

As for me, I still have one more thing to hurdle. I have yet to undergo laparoscopic cholecystectomy. I have gall stones and have started to experience stomach and back pains last Tuesday. According to the surgeon, to avoid complications to the liver and pancreas, my gall bladder has to be removed asap. Waaahhhh! Another stay in the hospital, but at least I think I should be able to bring in Ianna this time.

Hay, the first quarter for us has been all about medical check-ups, vaccines, and medicines. I am thankful that we have a health card in the office which covers these consultation and confinement costs. I shudder at the thought of not having one, nakakatakot pala. And for that, thank you po Lord for providing.

Ethan is now on Level 3A in Kumon Reading. He has been reading since November last year and is getting better with his penmanship although tamad talaga syang mag-practice writing hehe. We plan to start him on Kumon Math come June. Kasi sya rin ang nag-request :)

Talkative as a parrot, active and wriggly like a worm, that's how he is. Very ma-PR. Albert and I ask ourselves kung kanino sya nagmana haha. Kasi naman, if you know us, alam nyong hindi kami ma-PR. Sobra. :P

It's the little girl's 3rd cupcake birthday today. How time flies!
Ngayon ko din na-affirm that siblings can have very different personalities. The little boy and the little girl are so different, kaya dapat magkaiba ang approach sa kanila (note to self).

The little girl can communicate through signs. When she wants to be carried she raises her arms in a certain way that we know yun ang ibig nyang sabihin. When her diaper gets a bit soaked (di naman sobrang soaked like nung kay Ethan dati), reklamo na yan at di mapakali :)

Nakakatuwa. And we're enjoying dressing her up like a doll although most of the time sa bahay, suot nya hand-me-downs ni kuya so naka-blue sya haha.

I really hope I can go back to blogging regularly. Wish ko talaga. Sana magawa ko :)
Until next...


Heidi said...

good to hear that you're ok na... motherhood really is quite amazing, isn't it? You discover new things everyday, even if it's your second time being a mom already. Hope to read more posts from you, take care!

cheryll said...

hi Heidi! yes, motherhood is amazing. it may be cliche but it really gives you the capacity to love with all your heart, as in :) thanks for dropping by and i do hope that i'll be able to post more hehe

BabyPink said...

Take care of yourself, Mami! I really hope I get to meet my little brother and my littler sister soon. Hay. Lovelove! :)