25 January 2012

Ianna Chloe

Belated Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

So sorry to have neglected my blog :( I was busy giving birth to another little person hehe. I usually update through FB. As soon as I come back to work, I resolve to be more active again *fingers crossed hehe*

Anyway, I gave birth to Ianna Chloe last December 29 (yes, again same birthday as her Papa and Kuya Ethan). It's going to be a triple celebration na every year pohon :) I was 4cm dilated on my Dec 28th checkup and given that I had GBS (group B strep) infection around my 7th month, we had to ensure that I was loaded with antibiotics during labor in order to protect Ianna. So, we couldn't risk an emergency situation, and SO, we decided to induce na.

We now have a little girl to take care of, not that the Kuya needs less care. The 2nd time is more a challenging because Kuya loves being noisy so mahirap pag nagna-nap ang little girl. But I especially love those sweet moments when kuya kisses the little girl and simply says, "ang bango ng baby smell mo" or "Ianna, anong gusto mo?" or just this morning when he was showing his picture books to Ianna and read to her. I'm glad I get to be part of these moments.

About the little boy, he's now on Level 4A (3 levels up in 6 months), started out as a non-reader but now, he can read na talaga. I find him at times reading his books, like the Cat in the Hat. He finished his achievement test (to move from 5A to 4A) in 5 minutes! Cool!

We are expecting some changes this year. I won't talk about it yet, saka na lang once things are on the go and we get something definite na. But it's definitely a big change, something that excites me and yet gives me some jitters at the same time.

We're going home to Davao before my ML ends so Im definitely looking forward to that. But going back to work, not so much especially when Ethan tells me not to go back to work na daw kasi love nya ako (his way of saying he misses me).

Guess that's all for now, the baby girl is waking up, ready to recharge and go on USB mode again :)


Heidi said...

congrats on having your new baby! you know, Chloe was one of the names I was contemplating on giving my daughter too! (but we after the family voted, Charlize won)

BabyPink said...

Mami!!! Pagka-nice jud sa name sa akong lettle sester, oi! Ka-cute! Unta jud, ma-meet nako sila. Soon! :)