17 August 2012

Yes, ako na! Ako na ang hindi nag-a-update ng blog. So sorry :(

I've been doing my updates on FB, posting photos of my darling babies...oops, Ianna's had her 7th cupcake bday na and I haven't posted since her 4th pa ata.

I've also been posting photos of my craftiness...yes, I do have the skill, thank you...discovered at a later time. Where were my skills during elementary? I seriously needed those during H.E. or WorkEd subjects!

So what I'd do now is PHOTOBOMB you. Yes, as in mabilaukan sa pictures hehe.

Some update na rin on us...

Ethan is on the Advanced Student Honor Roll in Kumon for Reading. He ranked 47/1313 PK3 students and he is advanced by 2 years :) Great job, Kuya! You didn't have to but you did it anyway so congratulations!

Here are my loves during Ianna's 5th cupcake birthday...

Ianna started eating solid food when she turned 6 months. Ayan o, fascinated with the candle flame. Bakit nga ba ang mga bata na-a-amaze sa ilaw ng kandila? :) She is quite a hearty eater. Gusto sunud-sunod ang subo. She loves Marie biscuits and mashed potatoes and squash. She doesn't like Cerelac, parang si Kuya Ethan.

I love Ianna's smile, even her eyes smile. She smiles as soon as she wakes up in the morning and sees us. She smiles (and sometimes laughs) at Kuya Ethan's jokes. The kuya naman loves hugging and kissing the baby girl. I love love love being with them.

I've been so caught up with Pinterest and Craftgawker. As in I can stay and surf these sites forever! These have also inspired me with crafting...here are some of my activities:

Left: Golden Kitty pin for a high school classmate; Ianna's "Loubotins" :P

Left: Adventure Time stuffies for Ethan; my joint project with Ethan (he designed, I sew) - Coffeebean Tao

It's the middle of August, soon it will be Ber Time...malapit na ulit ang Pasko :) malapit na ang birthday ng aking mga 29ers...at palapit na nang palapit ang lipad namin *sniff sniff* magkahalong excitement at lungkot.

Ayan na muna, eto muna ang mga Kunot Noos :)

Finally, I leave you with one of kuya's jokes:

Ethan: How cool is a pool?
Me: How cool is it?
Ethan: 100! *hahahaha*
Me: *hahaha* (thought bubble: Ano daw?!)


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