04 September 2012

Ianna turned 8 months last Aug 29...ambilis talaga ng panahon! At dahil mabilis, kelangang maaga pa lang naghahanda na rin para sa kanyang 1st birthday (pohon)..at 5th naman ni Kuya Ethan (at 35th ni A hehe).

We're going the Jollibee route again, Kuya's request :) Our theme this time is Adventure Time. I'm already preparing the loot bags (going DIY again) and the invitation (we're going digital na lang siguro or maybe print out a few copies lang).

That's Finn (with the white hat), Jake (the dog) and Princess Bubblegum. *Photo courtesy of Google images*

I've sewn Ethan's Amazing Finn hat but will be making him a new one for their party. I've also sewn him a backpack, that one I'm not sure if I'll sew a new one, it depends on the state of his current backpack by then :)

Funny thing is, when my officemates saw Ethan's hat, they want one for themselves (or their kids). So now, I have orders for the hat!


Ianna can now balance herself while sitting, she can also sit up on her own (sometimes). And she can be like a ball and roll on the bed to get to where she wants to go :P She also tries to stand up na rin, holding on to whatever she can hold on to. Kaya dapat bantayan!

She eats (a lot LOL) oatmeal, Marie biscuits (ang galing talaga ng Marie), bananas, potatoes, squash, egg (the yolk from a boiled one) even the peach mango pie from Jollibee (opo, pinainom ko ng maraming tubig hehe). She also loves to drink water, which I would really like to sustain as she grows.

She is babbling so much now..pa-pa-pa-pa. Sometimes replying when you ask her a question (of course, in syllables that aren't words hehe). She knows her toys, giving a big big toothless smile when she sees Dolly or Filfy. She loves taking a bath and I'm glad she's now used to taking her vitamins so she doesn't fuss about it so much na.

And she loves it when Kuya is around to play with her...gustung-gusto nyang hinihila tenga ni Kuya hehe. Kawawa naman si Kuya :P

I still have a lot of projects on the pipeline...some in preparation for their birthday pohon, some just stuff that I want to make. And I'm in heaven just looking at projects from Craftgawker and Pinterest (follow me, 8thoffeb2007).

I really hope I can work on them. One at a time, one at a time :)

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