22 October 2012

I'm thinking of starting a new blog :)

Yes, another one! :P

I started this blog while preparing for our wedding and all throughout Ethan's baby months and now Ianna's. In about 3 months time, I (with my family) will be embarking on a new adventure.

I will be able to live a life of being a full time mom, well, at least that's the plan for now. We'll have our kindergartener by then, aside from dealing with our new environment. I have also been engaged in so much crafty stuff, which hopefully, I will be able to sustain when we get to our next adventure - both resources- and time-wise! :)

I'll just share it here when that time comes (and maybe also through my Facebook account). That's one thing that I haven't been able to do with this blog because there are several stories that I don't feel like sharing to all my FB friends hehe.


Now as to how things are going at home...Papa and Mama have postponed their return trip to Davao onto Nov 25th (from Nov 6th) because our kasambahay left. Yes, another one bites the dust. Hay, honestly, I'm tired with dealing with them. Ikaw na nga ang nag-a-adjust para pakisamahan sila, minsan ikaw pa ang ginagawang masama. So much of a long story, better left in the farthest corners of my memory. Nakakatawang nakakainis...ung tipong gusto mo lang mangutos, ganun.

Thank God for supporting parents and family!


Kuya Ethan is now in Kumon Level 3A for his Math, with his adding 3 lessons. Although he can add even larger, single-digit numbers like 8+7. He is in Level A2 for his Reading, doing sentence structures and stuff like that. We have also been encouraging him to write short notes or letters, to practice both his sentence construction and penmanship.

And we've been receiving short notes telling me how much he loves and misses me when I'm away from home and how Ianna needs my milk :) or a short reprimanding letter to A telling him that it's not nice to get things that are not his own (this is because his toys were placed in the penalty box after his short-tempered kakulitan episode); or a grocery list, and so on.

His vocabulary is wide enough for a kid his age...thinking of words like X-ray fish (when we played a game of ABC animals and I was stuck on thinking of an animal that starts with X), or dried plums (when he was asked to think of food that starts with the letter D), or properly calling out the shape of the moon as a semi-circle.

He is our non-stop parrot at home, only keeping quiet when he's asleep or watching his favorite Adventure Time episodes (while wearing his Finn hat and backpack LOL). He is our court jester (hehe), making Ianna laugh and giggle by just talking about anything his imagination makes him think.

There are challenging days, especially when he didn't get his requisite afternoon nap, or when he doesn't feel like doing what you're asking him to do. Sometimes I get the putol-litid inis, sometimes I just keep quiet (kasi nakakapagod magalit), and there have been several times when I can't help but laugh even when I'm trying my hardest to keep a stern face.

Hay, the terrible twos is not a correct concept...because it should extend up to 3 or 4 years old hehe. But Ethan's not that terrible because he's also adorable and so lambing too :)


Now the little girl, she is of a different personality. Two kids who look so much alike (I really should place a side-by-side pic of the two) but have so much difference (and likeness too, come to think of it!).

She loves watching TV commercials of shampoos, conditioners and soaps, kikay much? She pays attention when that Brush, Brush, Brush commercial of Colgate is shown, as well as the Bahay Kubo of some Maggi stuff (the one with Ai Ai).

When we dropped by a toy store last weekend, she cooed and wanted to talk to the dolls and stuffed toys.

I love that I get to experience having a little girl because I can dress her up in however I want (haha!)...at least for now.

Ianna is bungisngis but not as kaladkarin as her kuya. Hehe! She's wary of unfamiliar faces, staring them down like she's the queen of who-knows-where :P But when she's more comfortable with you, she giggles and gurgles and laughs to her heart's delight. So unlike kuya who, when he was Ianna's age, can go from person-to-person without crying or looking for familiar faces.

The little girl is Grandpa's princess, she looks for Grandpa when she wants to go outside or when she's sleepy. She's perfectly content being with Grandpa. She looks for Grandma when she's hungry...chanting and semi-shouting "Nam-Nam!". She eats solid food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and anytime she sees someone eating LOL. She loves squash with banana, oatmeal, papaya. She also eats mashed potato, sayote, sotanghon or misua, with some soup.

And just like kuya, she loves her bathtime!

She can now wave bye and do her version of a flying kiss. She also has this greeting where she raises her hand as if asking for a high five :) She's an early riser, 6am is already a bit late for her to wake up, 5:30am being her usual time...when she wakes up at 6:30am (instances of which I can count with the fingers on one hand), parang may hangover lang hahaha. This is so because she also sleeps early at night, around 7pm or 8pm at the latest.

At nine months (going 10), she still doesn't have any teeth growing out of her cute little gums. Her hair (like kuya's and mine hehe), is a bit on the thin side :P We were planning to have her ears pierced last September but I'm a bit worried that she'd pull on them, which is what she does when she's irritated with something :)


Ah, I can talk on and on about the kids hehe.
Here's to new adventures and kwentos...hopefully, I'll be able to make this more regular :)

Have a great week ahead!

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BabyPink said...

Mami!!! Nag-transfer na ka'g blog? Ingna ko, ha? Didto na pud ko musunod. :)

Here's to a better, more prosperous and more meaningful 2013! *kisses to everyone!*

Cheers! :)