04 February 2014


It's never easy being a working mother. I thank God that I was given last year to just dedicate my time with the kids. Because now, I find it hard to be away from them. I always find myself rushing home (but who can rush a 1 1/2 hr train ride, right?) and fortunately, I get blessed with the hugs, kisses, huge smiles, and shouts "MAMA!" Bliss. School has started for Ethan for a week now, he's in Year 1. They haven't been divided into sections yet, as the school still expects some new enrollments and some cancellations. He's settled in just fine, happy to see his friends again. Albert says when they reach school in the morning, he just goes and looks for his friends. No more drama boy with his "I'm going to miss you. Sniff Sniff" and when it's time for lining up, he just goes to his line, without even saying bye first hehe. We've enrolled him again into Kumon for his Math. And we can definitely see improvement in how he does his additions - he's more confident. I seldom hear his "But I can't do it!" now, it's more of "Can I do my worksheets later because I still want to play?" He's now adding 5s and 6s and we know (and see) that he can definitely do it quick. It's just that he keeps on getting distracted and wondering about stuff that he spends so much time on a page. His OT sessions have also recommenced and we're set to schedule his speech therapy this week. Now the little girl... She has more words now, and we've found that she's more able to repeat words. But then, because of her usual cheeky self, she prefers to keep her old words. For example, she can say KUYA but prefers to say EEBO. Although sometimes when we ask her to call her kuya, she can shout "KUYA!" Her new words: Kuya Boy Girl Lollie - referring to my auntie Belen Cat Hat Hop Apa (cone) Mami (can range from the mami to plain pancit) Mickey Pik = pink Bu = blue but then there are still the "Ianna words": Hapo = soup Bugs Bunny is still with the hopping action while saying "Hop! Hop!" Go Yaba Yaba = Yo Gabba Gabba (yeah, I know, so close!) And of course, Me: San ka punta, Ianna? Ianna: Mow (Mall) She still loves dressing up and posing (basta walang sapot!). Never a dull moment, indeed! :)

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