29 April 2014

Another update which is long past due...

 Ethan is now in Year 1, doing Year 2 work. Hehe.

They've just returned to school today after a two-week term break after Term 1. He has also started Kumon Reading and is now in level A1. His Math is in Level A and has Subtraction. He's doing quite well, I can say and has improved his time and focus (a bit).

He has written 2 short wacky stories to date, and has 2 still in the pipeline. I am thinking of starting a blog for him...but I just might take snap shots of his 4-page stories and post in Facebook. I am just so proud of his writing, so sue me, stage mama. ;)

He has also been painting from time to time...and he likes doing landscapes. He's also been so busy building his world in Minecraft, which he calls Firesparks. It has turned into a large world with a mushroom building, lava holes, waterslides, his sheep pen, cowpen and a lot of other structures. It's amazing how well he can move around Minecraft while I can't even move forward or sideways haha.

He's still continuing his therapy sessions with his OT and speech therapist. It's something that we'll continue to let him go to until he has the funding to support his sessions.


Remember when we were getting a bit worried that Ianna still hasn't talked much when she turned 2? It was for nothing because as soon as she started talking and building her vocabulary, she just sped ahead and has become much of a chatterbox now.

She has a lot of words and cheeky expressions:
Feel better, mama.
There, all done!
Where are you? (singsong voice with her hand along her brows as if looking for something)
There you are!

And when something (or someone annoys her): No! Go away!

She seems to have acquired the Aussie accent (something that's baffling, we don't know where she got it! probably from watching kids' shows?):

Jake, cake - pronounced JAYK, KAYK
Water - pronounced WO TA
Baby - pronounced BAY BI

She can count from 1-10 now, sing parts of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep and ABC.

She goes to playgroup in Ethan's school every other Wednesday where they play, listen to stories, sing (Row Row Row your Boat daw), run around catching bubbles on the field, stamp their hands silly.

She's bugging me now, she wants dede daw. Until next update na lang muna....

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Hello, Mami! :-)

Mga brayt jud ning akong mga manghud, oi! May pinagmanahan! :-)